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Maran BantaHonor relationships… that is called being recession-proof.  Aren’t they just flat out the most important thing any of us possess? I’m just sayin’ could be a good idea to act as if they are. I’m thinkin it’s a good idea whose time has certainly come. It’s not just me either. Are you noticing? There’s a shift happening, an awakening. People are waking up to how precious it is to nurture relationships. Look at our White House.  NULL

In my opinion the sweetness and the closeness of the Obama family was at least one of the determining factors that put them in the White House. We didn’t just put him in the Oval Office, We put them in the White House. I heard a poem the day before the Inauguration: U Being U Mr. President-Elect Makes me wanna get MY stuff correct I feel like starting with something RADICAL Like, Love my Neighbor Like share what I’ve got Like think for myself

Who inspires you to get your stuff correct? Who touches your heart and makes you want to be a better, more authentic version of yourself? Do you spend time around that person?

If it’s a teacher, a leader, a writer, a musician, Someone you don’t necessarily have a face-to-face relationship with and they touch your heart and inspire you, well then you have a relationship nonetheless. I’ll tell you who inspires me the most, my closest friends, my daughter, the bold emerging leaders on my Team, the CEO of my company. Being in the presence of these men and women make me want to get my stuff correct. Yeah and I would say these relationships, and more brand new ones that will come into my life and old ones that will be re-kindled, and even the positive memories of old relationships that are now complete, these are my most precious possessions.

It is my intention to honor this by paying extra attention to nurturing all of my inspiring relationships.

And that my friends is called being recession-proof.


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