Representing Synergistically By Jeanette Lopez

I represent Women Entrepreneurs in The Network Marketing Space Gratefully and Synergistically.

2017 has certainly been a year of growth for many of us.

I started out as an apprentice to my Personal Development Coach back in January and developed into a Free Lance Columnist/Editor as well as Executive Assistant to his business, TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.

I cannot think of a better place to take a yearlong course in Leadership.  Every month of this year has been a Personal Development experience as I developed into a stronger leader as a Network Marketer. All that, while learning what it takes to manage and promote a magazine on social media.

Working a job and building a business from home, is a discipline that few Master. For me, building a business while working a Virtual Job from home has become a work of art that started out from chaos to an art form of organization and focus called Self-Discipline.

Everyone can achieve the mastery of self-discipline.

This is WHY I TRY.

My Mission is to: To have Financial Freedom as I Achieve the Freedom of Time in order to Blissfully enjoy the Freedom of Choice for my family and me.

When you have an entrepreneurial mind, the influences in life and the inspirations that seem to come into our dreams are the seeds that can become abundantly fruitful.

When I first launched my business, SynergyPays, LLC, I was advised by several Small business mentors to keep “God” out of my business conversations. This did not sit well with me because my business came from one of those dreams that I wrote about in the last paragraph!

The entrepreneurial spirit that stirs my soul is Christ Jesus.  He keeps me humble and content even when I felt shamefully broke, Yet has held me steadfast and extremely focused on several marketplaces that all connect to His yoke.

I have had to remain patient when my Growth seemed Slow; Yet as I Grow In His Light, The Taller My Spirit appears to Grow.

God does have a marketplace for the Entrepreneur.

There is a divine plan for us all.  The ONLY thing keeping you from achieving all that you envision is your own lack of faith, a lack of self-discipline or just afraid to fall.

I love being a Woman in a Man’s World of Business.  Because as a Maturing Women of Faith; my goal for 2018 is to represent the Female Servant Entrepreneur in God’s Marketplace.

I will master Servant Leadership and share blessings with Grace.

As I approach a new year with a new business brand, a new posture in life and a renewed joy in my heart, I will continue to develop my Song of Victory.





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