Retail Sales vs. Team Building by George Madiou

There are two ways to earn an income in Network Marketing. The first is through retail sales and the second is through creating a competent team.

I started earning income when I was thirteen years old. I have been a serial entrepreneur for over 50 years. I have degrees in marketing and management from two universities and I have owned over 30 businesses.

The one thing that I have learned with all that business experience is this.

You’re not in business until someone sells something.

I first got introduced to network marketing 5 decades ago. I didn’t quite understand it, but I thought it was interesting.

As the years went on and my business experience grew through many traditional businesses, I realized success came through selling something.

I then got the opportunity to really learn the difference between the network marketing business model and the traditional business model. Over the years I had hundreds of people working for me. I came to learn that network marketing was an entrepreneur’s dream, come true.

I saw that network marketing offered people like me, to work in our own business and work with like-minded people on a team.

The team was the key!

As opposed to employees, we worked as team members. We could work together, we could learn from one another, we could collaborate with one another, but most of all,

We can earn far more as a team than we can earn as an employee.

This brings us back to the subject of retail sales vs team building. You’re not in business until someone sells something. That is a basic truth.

If you and your team aren’t selling what you have to offer, you’ll never succeed, but……….

The big money that can be earned in network marketing is through creating a team and teaching the members of your team the fundamentals of building a solid business, through sales and team building!

George Madiou
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