Reward yourself – what a concept! by Deborah Neary

When George Madiou invited me to write an article for his magazine, I was honored, excited and a little bit intimidated by the concept of deadlines and commitments.

The subject, “Rewarding yourself,” proved to be a challenge for me because I started to think about how little I am willing to do this for myself, which subsequently led me down the rabbit hole of asking why and how can I remedy this? I called George a few days before the article was due with a bunch of excuses for why I should probably write next month when the subject is easier for me to handle. Those of you who know Mr. Madiou will know that he is a warm, loving, and insanely supportive man and so darned positive… he ended our conversation with: “I look forward to reading your article.” Bless him!

One of my mentors told me that all excuses are equal.

So here I am writing an article about a subject I know little about. I decided to use one of my lifelines, ask a friend, and texted my good friend Jean. He responded with this: “How do I reward myself? Honestly, I gotta think about it. I focus so much on others, helping them to succeed and making sure others have what they want and need that I don’t have any time to think about myself. I love to cook, but it’s always for loved ones. My wife tells me that she noticed I never buy anything just for myself. Looks like I have some homework to do!”

It appears I am not alone, and I’d bet many of you can relate!

The fact of the matter is, we are not taught to reward ourselves. I can’t remember my parents ever making sure that little Debbie had taken a course on how important it is to make sure she rewards herself with every opportunity.

How about in school? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were to learn self-love right from the start? I’m from the generation that says “Forget about yourself, don’t be selfish. Only celebrate others and don’t, whatever you do, blow your own horn.” It turns out that after years of feeling like we must put others’ needs and feelings before our own, we become chronically deprived of the self-love that we need. So how important is this practice of self-love and rewarding ourselves? I believe it is essential for our growth and ultimately our success in business and in life.

What does the word reward mean?

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