Rising to the Occasion by Steve Dailey

Steve_DaileyNo matter what you face – now is the time for belief. Believe in your self. Believe in your strength. Believe in your intellect.  We have all had moments in our life when things looked bleak. Times when the odds were against us, we felt used up and out of fuel. It was an athletic effort, a relationship crossroads, a sales opportunity, a business deal. We found our self looking at all the options and scouring all our resources but nowhere was there an answer for what we needed. We were spent, tired and defeated. But then there was a spark. A moment of decision: give up, or drive on. In the flash of the moment, we had a brief look at our fate if we gave up. Painful. Unacceptable. Impossible to face. And then suddenly there was a turn. Bolstered courage. Creative energy. Tenacious focus. NULL

It was a moment that the tide turned and we instantly shifted from defeat and discouragement to confidence and certainty.

And things changed. Whatever it was that we were trying for originally became suddenly possible and subsequently attained. So what changed? In a word: belief. When you were feeling discouraged and used up you had doubt! When the table turned and you suddenly rose to the challenge, not to be denied – you believed! And what did you believe in? This is key, so listen in. You see, in every pathway we take in life we experience unanticipated obstacles. It is necessary and predictable. Always – when we set about the course toward a previously unattained destination, because we haven’t been there before we will obviously not have the perspective on all the possible bumps, traffic jams, detours and hazards. Also quite predictable is that we will act surprised by these things – as though we should have known all along what was going to be ahead. But we won’t know, and we don’t so we slam right up against the unanticipated every time. But think about it. What has happened to you the 100, 500, or 1000 times in life where that has happened to you? What did you do? I know you. You pushed through. You took a deep breath, put your head down and threw your shoulder into it. You pressed on – whether it be strategically, physically, emotionally or kinetically – you leaned into the obstacle with the full intent – and belief – that you were coming out the other side and well on your way again to your original, intended destination. That’s called “rising to the challenge”. And what – or who – you believed at that moment that you rose to the challenge was yourself. We all learn this.

When life tosses tough stuff at us, we reach back into our database of memories of challenges gone by and remember that we have done this before. This is familiar. We can believe in our self to overcome because we have done it before. Many times.

And that’s what we must do now. Now is a time for you to believe in yourself. A time when obstacles and hazards and detours are scattered all along our road to a destination not fully known. A time when you can – and should – reach into your database of achievements and recall all of the times in your life where you indeed overcame the daunting – overwhelmed that which intended to deny you and you mastered the moment so that you would enjoy the future. No matter what you face – now is the time for belief. Believe in your self. Believe in your strength. Believe in your intellect. Lean in – press on. You will see the other side and you will count this, too, as one of those points in life where you rose to the occasion. Coach Dailey AchievementBridge – We Coach You Win Steve@AchievementBridge.com



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