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John Milton FoggOur greatest fear should not be that we won’t succeed, but that we will succeed at something that doesn’t matter. And as you can see, Network Marketing really matters  Finn Ørjan Saele grew up outside of Bergen, the second largest city in Norway. He was the second child. His mother was a parliament member in Norway for 12 years. His dad was the editor of a newspaper. “When I was growing up I got a really good family with a fantastic mom and a fantastic dad,” Ørjan says. He describes life in his school years as “quite, quite good,” which is remarkable, because Ørjan faced a couple of daunting obstacles. “My problem was I was dyslexic,” he said. “That was discovered when I was in seventh grade. Before that I was just a kid that couldn’t read and write, and of course that colors you, because you feel stupid— and other people think you’re stupid.” NULL In his first years of school, the other kids liked to tease Ørjan, because he was a very skinny little boy, easy to push around. And since he was different, having special reading and language classes the other children didn’t attend, he became the victim of kids that wanted to bully him. All of that changed in high school. Ørjan not only went to a new school, he got bigger and all of sudden grew muscles. Now he could defend himself. Ørjan also did Thai boxing for a couple of years. After that, nobody bullied him anymore.

He joined Network Marketing while in his last year of high school.

Ørjan’s uncle, who is five years older than he is, got him involved in a weight loss company. It was just before his 18th birthday, and the company wasn’t opened in Norway yet. “I was incredibly skeptical after the first meeting,” Ørjan said. “I was sure this could not be right. I didn’t know if it was a pyramid scheme, if it was just a scam, but I was sure they didn’t tell me the whole truth. Actually one of the reasons I joined was to prove to my uncle it was wrong.” Ørjan had seen this Swedish guy draw the circles on the board and he did the math. The way it was presented, the company would easily pay out several hundred percent. Ørjan sat down for about three weeks and took apart the compensation plan, studying the different rules, looking for where the breaks were. He concluded that, in fact, they probably didn’t pay out too much money, but he had to join to see for himself what they actually did pay, and to learn if this really was a legitimate business. His uncle continued to tell him about new Network Marketing opportunities, and every time he showed Ørjan something, he let him know he could become a millionaire overnight. At that, Ørjan would argue, argue and argue. He knew that couldn’t be possible. Business is not that easy. “In the process,” Ørjan said, “I realized the system was true, and if you spent time on it, you had one benefit which you didn’t have with a regular job: There was no cap on your income. However,” he added, “your income in the beginning of the business would be less— a lot less— than if you spent the same time on a regular job.” No limit on your income impressed Ørjan greatly. He saw how, if you just continued working, you could make twice as much, or three times as much, or 10 times as much as in a job. That intrigued him enough to do the business— and that’s the reason why he didn’t give up. This is important, because in the beginning Ørjan didn’t do well at all. “I did as bad as you can do,” Ørjan says, laughing. “The first business was weight loss and consumables, and I did get some people involved. But before I actually managed to put them into the computer and get the products to Norway, I was stopped dead. I got three pages in the local Bergen newspaper— because of my mom’s and dad’s notability— saying that this was probably illegal and that the products would cause cancer.” “The shampoo would cause cancer if you ate it, was basically the headline and the content of the article. I would ask people, ‘You don’t eat shampoo, do you?’ But my dad and my mom and me got the front page. The newspaper ended my career in that company.” Ørjan joined an environmental cleaning company, where he cleaned a lot of cars and lots of windows. He was 19, and that’s where he built his first real downline. Ørjan made a lot of money from retail sales, but in two years, only $300 in actual commissions from his team.

But when Ørjan got that check he was on fire!

He was jumping and running around in the living room of his mom’s and dad’s house for about five minutes straight! He was so excited his sister thought he’d won the lottery, but he told her, “No, no, no, this is much better. The circles work.” Ørjan soon joined the first of the U.S. telecoms to come to Norway, and the first company to really pay him. After four years in the business, he had only made about $350 or $400, and was at the $100-a-month level. “When you believe in a certain way, you think in a certain way, which will cause you to act in a certain way,” Ørjan says. Now he believed. And he was ready to build his biggest team so far. Even though they didn’t understand how things really worked, Ørjan and his people were just so excited. “We believed we’d get rich really quickly,” he says. “Once all of us owned that belief, we started thinking and acting that way: We had urgency. We couldn’t wait. We had to do it now, as fast as possible.” That urgency caused Ørjan and his entire team to take massive action. They started putting in 80-90 hours a-week, traveling all over Norway building the presentations, and the meetings, and selling the product. “We got tremendous growth,” Ørjan said, “and after about three weeks in that company, my check was about $1,800-1,900 a week. It was about $10,000 a month from the second month.” How did that happen? “I believe that if you do something and you work hard on it, eventually through a whole lot of Plan, Do, Check and Adjust, you’ll find a way that works,” he says. “We built the business in the beginning even though we didn’t have the knowledge. We just did whatever other people in that company were doing, and tried to do it better.” He went on the MLM cruise and got to know Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, met Art Jonak, and Michael Clouse. Hooked up with Randy Gage in South Beach went to his MLM Power Weekend in Orlando. All of that brought new ideas of how to do the business on a more professional level. He went back home and together with his team created a system that worked. Ørjan says there are five behaviors that you need to have down to succeed in Network Marketing: 1. Number one behavior is developing a big smile. 2. The second behavior is that each one will reach one, so you’ve got to learn how to contact and invite people. 3. Third is each one teach one. “You got to have a system for duplication, because you will never make a million dollars in Network Marketing unless you get duplication. Without duplication,” Ørjan says, “you should go get a job. It will serve you much better.” You teach people to bring people into the system and you teach people to become speakers, trainers and teachers. 4. Number four is connecting people. “I think that it’s crucial that you become a Networker,” Ørjan says. “Too many Network Marketers aren’t Networkers after they join the business. Connecting people is making sure all the new people on your team are connected to several people in their upline. That’s how leaders are developed.” “If you have a brand new person in the business,” Ørjan says, “and they signed up two people, and their sponsor has been in for three days, and that’s all the people this new person knows. He knows four people that never made a dime in Network Marketing.” “When you connect him with five, six or seven upline leaders, he knows four or five of the
m who are making full-time incomes. Some of them may be making $100,000 a month. That’s the importance of networking inside of the Networking.” 5. Number five is becoming teachable. “You have to get into the growth process,” Ørjan says, “so you’re doing the personal development as well as the skills of Network Marketing. “Being teachable means you learn something and you implement that,” Ørjan says. “Being teachable is not just reading the books, going to the events, listening to the CDs. It’s putting that new knowledge to work in your life.” “If you implement those five behaviors in a step-by-step training system,” Ørjan says, “there is nothing that can stop anybody from making it to the top of any Network Marketing company in the world. That’s all it takes. If you keep doing them you will become better at some of the skills and eventually you find one or two or three where you’re world-class— and then you’ll be paid world-class money.”

Ørjan stresses the importance of your “why,” the dream, because his “why” was and is so important to him.

“In the beginning, I wanted to make money,” he says, “At least $10,000 a month, because that would give me my dream lifestyle. My ‘why’ wasn’t really the money, it was the dream lifestyle. $10,000 a month when you’re 17 will give you that lifestyle. And then I kept increasing the amount, so that it could cover my growing lifestyle dreams.” “When you become a multi-millionaire and you don’t have to go out and work to make money, new ‘whys’ appear. Today, one of my ‘whys’ is mastery— wanting to be the best of who I can be in my field.” “When you fulfill so many of your dreams in our business, a big ‘why’ develops in that you want to help other people achieve what you have achieved. You want to show other people the way they can do the same thing that you’ve mastered yourself.” “I still have a money amount that I’m always working toward,” Ørjan says, “but my wife Hilde and I have a vision of helping a million kids out of poverty. And not only out of poverty. The dream is to develop the kids into leaders that could be leading companies in a third world nation 30-40 years from now. It’s a dream about all the people you can help to develop into their potential. I think that happens in Network Marketing more and faster than in most other businesses. I get a lot of excitement out of seeing people’s potential.” “Your dream has to be so big and so real that it’s worth it and you’re willing to delay your gratification and you’ll take the time to do everything that is necessary to reach that dream.”

“I believe that people have seeds of greatness inside of them, and I would love to live a life where I could get those seeds growing on the inside of more and more people.”

That’s Ørjan’s vision for his life: Kids that are brought out of poverty, adults finding their dream again. He believes that by growing those seeds you will grow to become a great person. “And when more people become a great person,” he says, “they will in their turn discover more seeds inside of more people and eventually we will be living in a great world.” Ørjan has a favorite quote by Phillips Brooks: “Be such a man, and live such a life, that if every man were such as you, and every life a life like yours, this earth would be God’s Paradise.” “I think our greatest fear,” Ørjan says, “should not be that we won’t succeed, but that we will succeed at something that doesn’t matter. And as you can see, Network Marketing really matters.” ___________________________ From The Greatest Networkers in the World


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