We’ve Got A Tool For That!! ….. by Carla Archer

Often times we show up to our Network Marketing opportunities full of passion and excitement over a product result.  Did you start that way? 

I am with you if you did, this is how I started off in the world of Network Marketing too. 

Our lives were changed in some form or fashion and we just wanted to let everyone know how good our products are because we not only believe, we know that they are.  

We start to think, this is going to be easy, it works so well, everyone will want what we have to offer,  how could they not?  

We soon come to the realization that it takes a little more than a result and passion to get the job done, we also need some tools. 

Imagine if you are a painter and you have an amazing location to create a mural. You have a vision, you have the most vibrant colors of paint for your creation. You then come to realize what you do not have are paintbrushes, a sprayer, rollers, a paint tray, or a ladder. Without these tools, it will make it tough to complete your vision for your mural. 

So what do you do as the mural creator? You go to the store and you get the tools needed to do the job and bring your vision to life.  Makes sense right? 

Yet when it comes to our network marketing business, many people resist acquiring the tools to do the job.  

They think that they can do it without them.  They in essence throw paint at the wall and hope that it sticks and turns into the mural they were dreaming of. 

When it doesn’t come together, they become deflated and oftentimes quit or even go as far as to say that Network Marketing doesn’t work.

As you can see, it is very difficult to do any task without the right tools. I could come up with thousands of analogies for this. 

Yet for so many network marketers, here they sit. 

Did you feel this too? When someone joins a network marketing business who does not have marketing experience it Is almost as if a  switch clicks in our brain and we figure we can just show up and become successful without a lick of sales or marketing experience or any tools? This is the expectation we have, where does that come from? 

Why do we not show up just like the creator of the mural, understanding that it is important for us to figure out what tools you are needing and acquire them?

I do not have all the answers to this question, what I have come to learn is that people do not become successful by chance. 

What I have observed is that successful people take a look at the goals they want to achieve.  They reverse engineer this meaning they come back to where they are at this moment and figure out the next step. They decide which tools they need to support them in moving forward and they get them.  

They do not only see A and Z and nothing in between. That leap is too great. 

They start with one foot in front of the other and acquire the tools needed. Master the skill and go to the next one. 

These tools can come in many forms and fashions, for example:

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> Mentors and coaches. 

> Systems for managing your time and organizing your ideas and information.

> Training to teach you what you are wanting to learn next to grow and evolve your business.

> Apps and Programs

> Community of like-minded individuals. 

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Carla Archer
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