Road Trip!! ….. by Carla Archer

I used to go into my office and start “working” and before I knew it, I was down some rabbit hole and an hour and a half had gone by.

I had accomplished nothing.  I was more confused about which coach, which program (generally for free) was going to be the one that would give me the exact steps I needed to create a successful business. I felt deflated, like a failure, and wondered what is wrong with me? It seemed like so many others were successful in the network marketing space and I did not seem to be able to figure it out.  

I would dabble a little bit here and there and although I did find some success, it was not consistent and could not be duplicated.  

From one day to the next I was doing this and that, I was all over the map.

When I think about how I was approaching my business, it was as though I had dumped all the pieces of 10 different puzzles on the table in an attempt to make one picture.

Building one picture from all of those pieces was as unlikely as my building my business doing what I was doing. 

I knew something needed to change. I knew that continuing with free training alone was not going to get me there.  Like anyone who wants to excel, a goal and a plan were needed, along with the right support and a system to help me reach my goals. No more willy-nilling.

Question is….where do you start?  What do you choose when there are so many choices for network marketers?   

This, what I share with you here, is what I believe to be the key to figuring this all out and reaching your goals both in business and in life.  

First, thing, decide what your goal is and then reverse engineer it.  

Let’s face it no matter your goal in business or in life, your goal is off in the distance. The question becomes how do I get from where I am right now to my goal?  What does that look like? How do I do this?   

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Carla Archer
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