Romancing the Impossible by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

TomSchreiterProspects respond more to the romantic packaging than to the product or service. You can romance any offer and make it more effective. Prospects respond more to the romantic packaging than to the product or service. For example, Tom Paredes, author of MLM War Stories, used to be an Army recruiter. He could have described the Army opportunity as follows: “It’s like going back to primary school. You will get yelled at by mean instructors, you’ll have no freedom, and all you can think about is how to escape from boot camp. We’re talking institutional food here. Basic calories, no taste. Dress code? Heavy combat boots and dull, ill-fitting uniforms. If you live through your boot camp experience you can graduate to become a moving target for enemy sharpshooters. Oh yeah, did I mention the pay? You’ll receive the absolute minimum allowed by law.” NULL

Not very enticing, is it? Of course, Tom Paredes repackaged his offer and added a little romance. This is how he presented the Army opportunity. “Do you want fun, travel, and adventure? The Army will give you all that and more. In fact, they’ll even pay you while you are having the time of your life. Think about it. You can travel to exotic places all over the world. And, you won’t have to pay a single airline fare or hotel bill. The Army appreciates your participation so much that they even provide you with all your clothing needs with their unique designer fashions. Forget about those high clothing prices downtown. Never pay another health club membership fee again. You’ll look forward to supervised exercise instruction with a highly qualified personal trainer. You’ll enjoy long nature walks and even your meals will be provided. Do you want even more excitement? The Army will place live ammunition in your hands as you celebrate your good fortune with fellow club members. And, as I said before, not only will the Army cover all your expenses, they’ll even pay you money to insure that you are having the time of your life!” Hmmm. Which offer do you think recruited more prospects into the Army?

So here is the moral of the story: “If we say better things, more people will join.”

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