When Founder and Chairman Cheri Tree started her first business in network marketing, she struggled to make sales.

In fact, in the first year, she made an income of only $700! For the next five years, she studied everything she could to become successful. She read great books, listened to audio programs, attended seminars, and even hired coaches, investing thousands of dollars financed by her credit cards to be successful. Unfortunately, her income peaked at $72,000 and didn’t come close to the 6-figure income she was desperately pursuing, and yet she was devoting almost every minute of her time to her business.

Cheri found herself completely disillusioned by the proverbial “sales is a numbers game” message and realized that she was being led to believe one of the greatest myths in sales when she was told that “in order to get more Yes’s, you have to get more No’s.” This is when Cheri woke up to the reality that this just wasn’t true! The truth, she realized, was that in order to get more Yes’s, you have to get more Yes’s, not more No’s! This thought process led Cheri down a path that ended up changing her entire world.

In an effort to build a thriving small business without working herself to death, Cheri decided to learn everything she could about closing sales and she discovered that in fact, sales was not a numbers game, it was a people game! This discovery shifted her focus from sales to people, including learning several personality typing systems. Cheri found personality science compelling, but difficult to apply to the sales process.


That’s why Cheri dedicated herself to reverse-engineering the personality types, basing it on “buyology” – the science of buying behavior, rather than psychology to understand why her customers buy, and what triggered the Yes versus the No.

Her theory was that if it had been proven by Hippocrates that there are four different personality types or four temperaments, then it could be possible that each type makes buying decisions differently. In the process, Cheri created B.A.N.K.— the art and science of influence – and the first easy and accurate system that combined the proven brilliance of personality science with real-world best practices for the sales process.

With B.A.N.K., Cheri grew her yearly income to over $500,000 in just 12 months and to over $1 million in 3 years! Cheri had cracked the code to not only sell more but also recruit more, allowing her to achieve the top rank in the company and break company records. Amazingly, this income didn’t require burning out. B.A.N.K. reduced the sales cycle time dramatically, providing her with more free time to enjoy life. Even her team dynamics and personal relationships improved thanks to the increased emotional intelligence that B.A.N.K. brought.


Cheri was so overwhelmed by the success B.A.N.K. brought that she was inspired to share B.A.N.K.with other entrepreneurs, sales organizations, and business leaders full-time.

Cheri launched Codebreaker Technologies and built a powerful portfolio of tools, training, and patented technology to designed to increase your influence, income, and impact by up to 300%.

Forbes recently published an article about her innovative artificial intelligence, Codebreaker AI, the world’s first artificial intelligence powered by B.A.N.K., predicting it to become The Future of Sales.

Thousands of entrepreneurs are now using B.A.N.K. around the world, and the B.A.N.K. system has even been used by the sales teams of massive corporations like Google and other major companies across multiple industries. But Cheri’s heart and passion are still connected to helping millions of people and thousands of companies in network marketing.

Cheri’s success elevated her to iconic status and she is frequently invited to speak at many of the top business conferences in the world, sharing the stage with business giants like Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Steve Wozniak, and Sir Richard Branson to speak about the power of B.A.N.K. and lecture at top universities like Harvard University and the University of California. Cheri has been nominated as Innovator of the Year for the past five consecutive years by the Orange County Business Journal, accepted the American Riviera Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Monte Carlo, and invited to speak at the United Nations AI For Good Summit—all because of her work in the business world and the social impact for humanity with B.A.N.K.!


The Chally Group conducted a study more than a decade ago and wanted to discover whether or not personality types mattered in the sales process.

According to their findings, they revealed that only 18% of buyers will buy from a salesperson who does not match the buyer’s personality type, versus 82% success rate when personality types are aligned.

Dr. Ryan T. Howell, Associate Professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University, conducted a series of studies on the B.A.N.K. methodology to see whether or not he could scientifically validate its claims. His first published white paper on B.A.N.K. revealed that “The BANKCODE assessment is a quick, reliable, and valid measure of personalities that predicts buying behavior and increases your probability of closing the sale.”

Dr. Howell further studied whether or not B.A.N.K. could move the needle in network marketing specifically. In his published white paper on direct sales and network marketing, Howell concluded that a distributor using B.A.N.K. increased the likelihood of their customer purchasing their product by 86% and increased the likeliness of their prospect joining their business by 192%! More information about this study can be found in another article in our magazine.


Codebreaker Technologies has developed a very fast and scientifically validated way to help you determine your BANKCODE. All you need to do is simply crack your code!

As a reader of The Network Marketing Magazine, we offer you the opportunity to crack your code and take the BANKCODE assessment for FREE. This will take you less than 90 seconds to complete, and you will receive a custom BANKCODE Personality Report as our gift to you ($99 value). To crack your code for free, GO HERE

Watch here… to understand the reason we think so highly of Cheri Tree and how she can be a part of increasing the success of your’s and your team’s business. Thank you Cheri for what you do for those who are looking to succeed in a big way! George Madiou

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