Sales: Are You Making These 5 Bone-Headed Sales Mistakes? by Noah St. John

Noah St. JohnEach of these mistakes can be easily avoided when you understand what got you to increase sales in the first place.  While everyone want to increase sales, we often forget the bone-headed MISTAKES people make when trying to make more sales. I’ve been teaching people the secret “success code” to increasing sales for years. Many sales professionals have come to me after spending 10, 20, even 50 thousand dollars on every other sales training system out there with little to show for it – then watch their sales double in 90 days after following my System.

The biggest surprise in our research was that most people who’ve tried to increase sales have actually succeeded at one point. So the real problem isn’t increasing sales; the real problem is keeping them up.

 NULL My Students who’ve increased sales and kept them up have avoided these 5 bone-headed sales mistakes: 1. Not knowing your Why-To’s and Why-Not-To’s. Everyone knows the Why-To’s of increasing sales: more money, more confidence, more time off. But have you ever thought about your Why-Not-To’s – the hidden reasons you might sabotage your own sales goals? Your Why-Not-To’s of success might include: loss of feeling of safety; spending more time away from family; imagined jealousy from friends. If you don’t identify your subconscious Why-Not-To’s of making more sales, you’ll invariably fall back down again. 2. Trying to do it all yourself. Not getting support for increasing sales is like trying to dig a gold mine using a teaspoon. There’s tons of support out there, from free groups on the Internet to in-person meetings. Find support and gain accountability for reaching your sales goals and stop trying to do it all by yourself. 3. Focusing too much on the end result. While everyone wants more sales, we forget that a “sale” is, in the end, an outcome you can’t control. While you can certainly influence the sale (either positively or negatively), you can’t “make” someone buy from you.

Our work with tens of thousands of sales professionals has shown that the salespeople who focus on the process of building relationships produce much greater success than going after the quick buck. Put people first, money second.

4. Asking the wrong questions. For example, most people have tried using an affirmation like, “I am rich.” And your brain says, “Yeah, right!” Instead of a statement you don’t believe, I invented AFFORMATIONS, or empowering questions like: “Why am I so rich?” No, that’s not a misprint. Use Afformations, not affirmations. Using Afformations causes your mind to search for why you can, in fact, make more money and increase sales. One of my Students who’d spent over $30,000 on every sales training program out there had few results. In the first 30 days of using Afformations, his sales tripled. By year’s end, his revenues had increased by 560% and he was named Agent of the Year. Go to for a free 60-second Afformation Stress-Buster you can use anytime, anywhere. 5. Stopping doing what works. Here’s the truth: you know very well that in order to increase sales, all you need to do is talk with more people and show them the benefits of buying from you. And you’ve probably succeeded at one point. But then you may have stopped doing what works. This happened because you didn’t identify your hidden Why-To’s and Why-Not-To’s. Do the opposite of these 5 bone-headed mistakes and you’ll not only make more sales, you’ll keep them up. Each of these mistakes can be easily avoided when you understand what got you to increase sales in the first place. The biggest mistakes in sales aren’t on the phone, but in your mind. Ascus weakener deneutralize loose separative rhinovirus inseparably!
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