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March 2022


There is no other person that could do justice in honoring Bob Proctor in this month’s issue like Brian Biro.

Bob helped so many people in the profession of network marketing and Brian Biro was one of them.

We can honor Bob’s memory by reading Brian’s tribute and passing it on to your group.

Brian Biro is known as America’s Breakthrough Coach! He has delivered over 1,800 presentations around the world over the last 30 years. The author of 15 books including his bestseller, BEYOND SUCCESS, and his brand new THE ROI OF KINDNESS, Brian was rated #1 from over 40 Speakers at 4 consecutive INC. Magazine International Conferences. With degrees from Stanford University and UCLA, Brian has appeared on Good Morning America and CNN. Brian was recently honored as one of the top 10 interactive keynote speakers in North America, and one of the top 60 Motivational Speakers in the WORLD!

It is not hard to believe that this gift to network marketing, Brian Biro, would not have been as impactful if it weren’t for the kindness and generosity of Brian’s friend and mentor, Bob Proctor Thank you, Bob and Brian!

Measuring Your Results and Are You Rewarding Yourself

With this March 2022 issue, we celebrate our One Hundred Ninety-Seventh consecutive issues on the 1st of every month! This is a special issue because my good friend Brian Biro and I have an opportunity to remember a legend in our profession.  Bob taught many people the skillsets needed for success in network marketing. Bob taught the wisdom of the ages in this profession, and was one of the biggest fans of the lessons found in “Think And Grow Rich.” Brian and I take this opportunity to share some stories in our articles this month, but here is one of my personal Bob stories from my friend Bob Proctor THE LEGEND. I was doing an event with Bob and my wife Debbie, and I went up to Bob during a break, to ask him to autograph his best seller “You Were Born Rich.” He looked at me and shouted “Madiou, what the heck did you do with my book? You drilled holes in it and put rings in it, what’s the deal?”  I said, “Bob Debbie and I read it over and over again!”

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