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John Milton FoggIn one school year, Sarah was able to surpass her full time salary, and she’s now able to earn more than quadruple in one month what she would have earned annually teaching! Sarah Robbins grew up in Troy, Michigan, where she lived most of her childhood years up until high school when the family moved to the “teeny tiny” town of Shawano, Wisconsin (2,076 families in the 2000 census) north of Green Bay. It was culture shock for Sarah, going from Troy, where all the kids got a car at 16. She said to her mom, “Oh man, all these kids are going to be wearing OshKosh overalls.” She was “devastated.” It was pretty disorienting for a teenage girl in the midst of high school. Sarah soon realized that in taking her away from everything she knew, it actually allowed her to start over without any history. It was very freeing for Sarah and she quickly got to know some great friends there. NULL

When she graduated, Sarah went to a private college in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “Another freezing cold place,” she said. Sarah started her passion for teaching there. During that time her family moved back to Michigan. Sarah missed them and wanted to be around them. So she moved back to Michigan. She got her degree and started teaching there. “Out in the cold again.” Sarah has always been “really, really ready to live somewhere warm.”

“I was teaching kindergarten and first grade,” Sarah said, “and that truly was my passion. I loved what I did.”

“Sometimes when I tell people that they laugh and say, ‘You’re surrounded by six-year-olds all day and you loved it?’ Yeah, I did.” “I felt like it was what I was meant to do. And unfortunately,” Sarah says, “because of Michigan’s economy, I was facing losing my job. I had to pursue earning extra income somehow. We were in a tough place financially. That’s why I started working for the high-end department stores. I was just kind of traveling around; doing events and demonstrations for different skin-care cosmetics lines.” One of the lines had first started in the up-scale department stores, which is where Sarah found it. The company became the number one clinical line in Nordstrom’s. Sarah and her mother were both working for them as product educators. That was a way to bring in extra income alongside Sarah’s full-time teaching job. The company was looking for ways to bring dermatology to the masses. “They felt this line wasn’t best kept under glass,” Sarah said. “But the doctors who own the company, being two of the world’s most successful dermatologists and entrepreneurs, also wanted to empower other people to do what they’ve done. Long story short, we got a call from them that would change our lives.” “They were going to be leaving retailing after being very successful and get into Network Marketing,” she said. “This was their first time doing that.” And what a smart move that turned out to be. Today Sarah’s organization brings in more volume than Nordstrom’s ever did. Last year she earned a very high six-figure income. One month, her commission check, with bonuses totaled over six figures. This will be her first millionaire year. Sarah Robbins has been in Network Marketing for two years. She’s 28 years old. “It’s really exciting at my age,” Sarah says, “to truly have found something that has been so life-changing for me and my family.” And “exciting” was not what Sarah thought when she first heard about the opportunity. “My previous history in Network Marketing was short, not sweet,” Sarah said. “A friend signed me up and nobody talked to me again after that. I left as quickly as I came in. So the only thing I knew about it was that I would never ever, ever, ever, do it!” “I’ll never forget when I heard about this,” Sarah said. “My mom said, ‘Sarah, I know the stories of people who start in the beginning and they work the business. We’ve got the brand recognition. We’ve got the market and economic timing and we’re doing this.’ And I’m like, Hmm… I don’t know about that.” But then Sarah talked to her friend Doug Firebaugh. Doug does a lot of training in the industry and he was a very successful leader in his company. Sarah and her husband attended a Bible study group with Doug. They sat down together and asked, “What do you think?” “I’ll never forget him just staring right at me from across the table and saying, ‘You have no clue what you found do you?’ I just smiled politely and he said, ‘To find something with this name recognition and this timing… These opportunities come once every couple of decades. Quit over-thinking this and start telling people about it today!'”

Her mom had said it. An industry expert confirmed it. Fear of loss set in on Sarah immediately.

She thought, “If my mom does this and I don’t, but I knew I had the opportunity, I’m going to regret it.” And her urgent needs came in, too. “I’m going to lose my job. I’m going to lose my home. We have a lot of debt.” And Sarah was thinking, “Do I really have another option? Do I have another way or am I going to continually be in the squeal?” She decided to get started. “I’ll never forget my husband telling me, ‘Sarah, you know this is a great company and you know you’re a hard worker and you don’t quit,’ and I remember thinking, ‘If I could retire in 10 years from teaching, that would be great. Then I’ll be able to put my time and energy into my family, my own children.'” Sarah had absolutely no clue how it was going to go and grow. When she got started there were a handful of people in the corporate office, a couple of them being her own age, no trainers; not even any training material. Everybody was looking at each other, going, “What’s next?” They didn’t have any maps. They were pioneers. Sarah says she started by failing forward. “But we all know,” she says, “success is just getting up more often than you fall down.” Since, Sarah didn’t have anybody to follow and tell her what to do, she fell down right away. Her mom said, “This is huge. Don’t tell anybody else about this opportunity.” So at first the two of them were only selling products. They were making a couple thousand dollars a month and were happy about that, especially Sarah on her teacher’s salary. Sarah started researching the industry. As a teacher, she was always studying and learning new things. So she bought some books and CDs. She grabbed onto Networking Times, which she loved, and read every page, highlighting, making notes. Sarah at once realized the power and purpose of leverage— and that changed everything. “Let’s start telling everybody about the opportunity,” she said, and she did. “The creators of the most successful acne solution in history just went into Network Marketing,” she would tell people. “This is ground-floor. This is going to be huge. Invite everybody. We’ve got a meeting going on. Bring an armful of people. This is going to blow your mind.” They had 300 people in their very first meeting.

Little did Sarah know she was already teaching people how to duplicate her success.

“Tell people this, share and invite, bring them to the meeting, ask them to join you” and it worked. When her people ask Sarah, “What do you talk about when you tell people about our opportunity?” She tells them, “The four P’s: Talk about the Products. Talk about the Partnership we have with the doctors. Talk about the Pay-plan. And talk about the Positioning, the timing that they have to be in at the beginning, and for them to expand as we expand across the nation and then internationally.” One of Sarah’s defining moments in this business came was when she was earning about a couple thousand dollars just selling products. She was having a very hard time recruiting. There was a gal who had found an online ad for the company and she called Sarah, and talked to her about the opportunity. Her husband was a former member of the New York Stock Exchange. He’d gone online looking for an o
pportunity for his wife. He called her and said, “This is an amazing business opportunity. You’re doing this.” He said, “Tell everybody you know, all your friends, and in six months your residual income will be insane.” So she called Sarah and asked her about everything and said, “What are you doing tonight?” Sarah said, “I’m doing an event in Ohio.” The woman drove eight hours and showed up at the end of the event, put the products on her hand, and said, “Let’s go out to eat.” They sat down and she said to Sarah, “I’m ready to get started now.” Sarah said, “Look, I’m really tired. Let’s do this tomorrow.” She now knows what a foolish and risky thing that was to say, and thanks God the woman was still excited and that she signed up the next day. In six months that woman developed an ongoing six-figure, residual income from her efforts. Sarah’s check tripled in one month and she said, “Okay, this works.” From then on, “It was amazing.”

Sarah had a massive organization starting to build, and her confidence just went through the roof.

Sarah jokes that before that time, she was the least-highest income earner in the company. Today, she is #1. “I believe very strongly in sowing back into people,” Sarah says. “It’s that idea of reciprocity, and really, you get what you give. The company just announced a new enhancement to our compensation plan giving an extra percentage on a bottom generation. It can add significantly to your income. I’ve already qualified for them all.” “So, I decided to reinvest that money back into my leaders,” Sarah said. “The way I look at it that was income I didn’t have before. They’re the ones helping to qualify me, so I’m using the funds to reinvest back into them.” “Whether it’s traveling to their market to help them grow, or challenges and incentives, or recognition, it’s simply sowing back into my leaders. Because, really” Sarah says, “our greatest asset in this business is not products, no matter how great they are— and I’m not discounting our products ever. Our greatest asset is our team. I’m always teaching the importance of their speaking life and speaking truth and speaking positivity into their groups. Then we take that and we pass it on.” “It’s also the importance of abundance and recognition and being the leader that they’re looking for,” Sarah said. “It’s being those things to their team as well. You can definitely see how all of these things have translated down. We’ve truly got an amazing group of leaders.”

“It is all about what I can do to really change other people’s lives.”

“I tell people, ‘My check will grow every month now that we’ve experienced this exponential growth and we’re getting the duplication and all of this excitement and momentum. My check grows every month regardless of what I do now.” “Quite frankly,” she says. “I could stop today and be happy with the income that’s growing and that’s already there, but I’m working just as diligently now as I did in the beginning, because for me, it’s ‘big picture.’ I want to fund my own foundation for women and children through my network marketing business. Today I am fortunate to GIVE more than I used to earn.” “I mean, this is what drives me, it’s what fuels me, it’s what makes me happy. It makes me excited just to see other people’s lives change. So I just have ‘big picture,’ and I feel like I haven’t even begun yet. That’s really what keeps me going and moving and growing.” “It’s not tangible things; not cars and homes. I’ll get those. I’ll even finally get to live someplace warm, so I’m good with all that,” Sarah says. “For me, the paychecks are numbers, but the experiences and the way you can change people’s lives is what’s most important.” “I know Donna Johnson, she’s a mentor of mine and she’s created so many millionaires in her organization. I want to see the same thing happen with our group. I want to help them all really achieve their dreams.” ___________________________ From The Greatest Networkers in the World


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