Scared Straight into Network Marketing by Debra and Bradley Warren

Debra and Bradley WarrenChoose to scare yourself straight, blaze your own trail, and write your own story through the power of network marketing. Just imagine for a minute that you could borrow Michael J Fox’s DeLorean and travel into the future to talk with yourself at the end of your career. What advice would you give yourself? More importantly, how would that experience affect the decisions you’re currently making? Would you do anything differently today to alter the course of your life?

Helping people see that their future is in their own hands – a direct result of the choices they make today – has always been a challenge.

In the 1980’s a program aimed at empowering troubled youth found success by showing them what their future would surely hold if they continued down their current path of lawlessness and disrespect. These kids were ‘scared straight’ after spending a few hours in a prison experiencing the frightening and brutal conditions that awaited them.  NULL There is nothing more convincing than the voice of experience. Being in the education field for most of my life, I’ve been surrounded by adolescents. I’ve often wondered if the flames of nonconformity and entrepreneurship that burn in most young people would be fanned by taking a peek into the future life of the ‘average worker’. I believe that staring into the vacuous eyes of those who no longer question and the grey skin of someone who has traded natural sunlight for a fluorescent lit cubicle would make anyone think twice before accepting the mediocrity that awaits them in the corporate world. Everyone starts out with visions of living their greatest life. Listening to someone who has lost all passion might make you hold on to your dreams and fight for them to come true.

Talk with a successful network marketer and they will tell you how they work harder than ever, because they are finally in control of creating a spectacular future for their family.

Observing the security of being chained to a desk by your boss would definitely make the freedom of network marketing outweigh the risks of failure or even ridicule. As an independent distributor, you have the freedom to build your business how, when, and wherever you choose. I used to leave for work before my family was even awake and drive through the snowy darkness to my office. Now, my wife and I work our business around our kids’ schedules from the sunny beaches of Florida. I used to watch the beauty of the sunrise alone from my office window. Now, we watch our beautiful children rise with the sun and catch hold of the possibilities of a brand new day. Once the realization hits that you have spent many of your best years working hard to make someone else’s dreams come true at the expense of your own long-forgotten aspirations, regret is likely to follow. The good news is that’s not too late. The fact that you are reading this today is proof that you still have the spark necessary to create the life you’ve imagined.

Choose to live an extraordinary life.

Reject the false notion that corporate America will provide you with financial and emotional security. Choose instead to scare yourself straight, blaze your own trail, and write your own story through the power of network marketing. © 2007 Bradley Warren


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