Secrets of the Greatest Network Marketer by Rod Nichols

rod nicholsDuring this CHRISTmas season when we celebrate His birth, we need to remember that we are celebrating the birth of the greatest network marketer ever. The greatest network marketer was born into extreme poverty. His parents were very young and had little in the way of material wealth. However, they were loving parents. His father was the carpenter in their small town and so as the greatest network marketer grew, he learned the trade. When his father died at a young age, the greatest network marketer took over the family business and excelled. He was very good with people and produced excellent work. People traveled from far and wide to see his work and to hear his great wisdom. This young man captured the hearts of many. As time went on, he discovered another calling – networking. His Upline taught him the true art of networking and very quickly he had recruited twelve front line people.  NULL

Most of them were truly diamonds in the rough, so the greatest network marketer had to spend many hours teaching them the fine art of networking that had been taught to him by his Upline.

Each day he would go out to the common areas of town and conduct an opportunity meeting to attract new people. He was so on fire with enthusiasm that people came from miles around to learn from him. They loved to hear him speak and he loved to teach them about networking. Many joined his network and it began to explode into momentum. The greatest network marketer understood that he could not possibly train all these new people, so he continued to meet with his twelve frontline people and taught them how to train the others and how to train them to build a network and train their people. By this time the greatest network marketer was traveling from town to town doing opportunity meetings and training those who joined.

One of his greatest attributes was the ability to quickly develop leaders who could carry on the work when he was not there.

The greatest network marketer had achieved great success and was reaping the benefits. Unfortunately this attracted the regulators, who were very much like the regulators of today and did not understand networking. In today’s world, the regulators just fine people and force them out of the networking business, but back then, if they didn’t like what you were doing, you were jailed or executed. The regulators were jealous of the greatest network marketer’s following and great wealth and so they sought ways to trap him into making income or product claims that were against the law.

However, the greatest network marketer always operated with the highest level of integrity and never made any claims.

This frustrated the regulators and so they plotted to sabotage his work through false testimony. They paid people in his downline to say bad things about him and claim that he was breaking the law. These false claims enabled the regulators to finally arrest and eventually execute him. They thought that with the greatest network marketer gone, his network would quickly fall apart and their worries would be over.

However, the greatest network marketer had instilled a great sense of purpose in his leaders and so they continued on with the work. Today the greatest network marketer has millions of people in his worldwide network.

This fictional story is loosely based on the greatest network marketer ever, Jesus Christ. During this CHRISTmas season when we celebrate His birth, we need to remember that we are celebrating the birth of the greatest network marketer ever. There is much we can learn from the way that He built his worldwide network – his loving nature, patience, persistence, focus, and ability to build strong leaders. I built my network based on the principles that Jesus teaches in the Bible and it has stayed strong, even though I didn’t work my business for three years. I encourage you to study the life of Jesus in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the Bible. If you don’t have a Bible, pick one up at any Christian bookstore – I recommend that you start with either the New International Version or the New Living Translation, as they are easier to read. I know that you will be surprised at how much you can learn from studying Jesus and your life (and business) will never be the same.


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