Self-Talk for Never Quitting By Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.

Self-Talk for Never Quitting

One of the most popular programs of recorded self-talk I’ve ever written is a session called “Staying With It and Never Giving Up.”

The reason that session is so popular is that network marketers who listen to it for even two or three weeks find that by doing so they are literally rewiring their brains for success––instead of failure.

     It is well-known that in network marketing, those who stay with it and refuse to give up or give in, are the ones who succeed, sometimes beyond their wildest expectations. If you follow the steps, do the work, and keep moving no matter what, you’ll be successful.

     So what is it then, that makes some network marketers quit, while other people stay with it?

     It is their “programs.” Our brains are wired, through repetition, from childhood on, with thousands of programs that tell us what we can do, and what we can’t.

     The problem is, it doesn’t make any difference if the programs that got wired into our brains are really true or not. Any message the brain receives often enough become wired in as ‘truth.’

     That means that your belief in yourself, and in your success in anything you’re doing, is based on the programs that have been wired into your brain.

     As a network marketer, if you quit, it isn’t because you can’t make it––it’s because your brain has been wired with programs that tell you that you can’t make it. That’s faulty wiring in the brain, and it’s convincing you to stop instead of stay with it and succeed.

     Fortunately, if you have programs that are wired to work against you, you can change them. You can get new programs. You can rewire your brain. That’s what the right, repeated self-talk is designed to do. By listening to the right self-talk for even fifteen minutes a day, you can literally rewire your brain to succeed.

     When you have the right wiring, the right programs, you won’t want to quit. You’ll be too busy winning.

     You can listen to the self-talk programs I wrote specifically for network marketing at The self-talk audio sessions are streamed directly to your phone or any listening device. The sessions are open to everyone, and you can listen to any of them as often as you want, free for 30 days.

     On the website, scroll down to the programs entitled “Network Marketing I” and “Network Marketing II” and look for the session entitled ‘Staying With It, and Never Giving Up.’  The website address is

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