Sending ‘negative communication up, and positive communication down. by Stacey Hall

My guest in the studio this month is Rebecca Simon, a business owner and entrepreneur for over 17 years creating 3 traditional businesses with her husband in Australia.  They became tired of living in the rat race and realized owning businesses didn’t necessarily mean time freedom. They wanted more time with their family and looked at many opportunities to break free! 

They came across Kyani, a Network Marketing company, and saw something unique, that was like nothing else and went with their gut feeling! 

They achieved a 7-figure residual income in their first year and are now living the life of their dream on an island in Fiji.  

They recently came out of semi-retirement to help Kyani merge and partner with another company.

During our interview about coaching, as it relates to network marketing, we discussed the concept of sending ‘negative communication up, and positive communication down.’ 

Watch our 14-minute interview here:

Her Free offer can be found here: 

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Stacey Hall
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