SEO – The “New School” of Lead Generation by Scott Adams

Scott AdamsBe ahead of the rest of the class and go find the people who are searching for what you offer. Since the creation of the Network Marketing business model it has been necessary for distributors to find people who wanted the products or services they were offering in order to have a successful business. Over the years distributors have become very creative in the ways they find people. Some of the ways you may be familiar with are:

  • Making Warm Market Lists
  • Hanging Flyers
  • Handing out Business Cards
  • Purchasing Cold Market Leads
  • Placing Ads in Newspapers
  • Paid Online Advertising

While all the above lead generation methods still work and are being used even today there is a “new school” of lead generation taking root in the Network Marketing industry and helping people generate targeted or niche market leads for their businesses.  NULL The power of the internet combined with this lead generation technique is providing the average Networker the ability to find people in niche markets who want or need the product or service they are offering and doing so at a very low cost.

It is called SEO

What is SEO? Simply put, it stands for Search Engine Optimization and it involves creating a website or webpage that shows up in the results of a search for a specific term. For example, if I am selling widgets I’d design my website to be optimized for the keyword “widgets” so that is shows up in the search results on either Yahoo, Google, MSN or any other search engine. Search engines have very elaborate algorithms to determine which websites best match a person’s search request and SEO is the path to landing on the first page of those search results. Once a page is optimized and begins to show up in search results for the targeted keywords the site will generate visitors. This is essentially free traffic and most importantly they are people who are looking for exactly what is being offered on the site. These leads are exclusive to you and delivered in real-time. How much do you suppose a Lead Generation company would charge you for a high quality targeted lead as the one described above, $5, $10 or even $25 a lead?

Learning to SEO your website will help you create these leads for pennies on the dollar and begin to generate 10, 20 or even 50 plus new leads every week for your business.

How long is the SEO process? SEO is a relatively slow process and should be added to one’s business as a long-term lead generation development project. It does not take long to get listed in the search engines, but will take a little longer to get the search engines to crawl your site on a regular basis. Search engines visit/crawl websites so they can index them in their massive databases and keep them updated with fresh content. SEO is a relatively new frontier for those in the Network Marketing industry, but quickly becoming one that the savvy home-based business owner is seeing as necessary to become a top distributor in their company. The potential of SEO is huge and can become a great source of leads for a company or top leadership to help their teams find people looking for what they offer. Like any successful business you need to continually develop new leads each and every week to remain competitive and SEO is a great lead generation option. It is imperative that you do not look at SEO as a replacement of your current lead generation activities. SEO should be done in addition to your current lead generation activities and be looked at as a long term investment designed to create a steady flow of targeted leads for your business for years to come. Is SEO for you? SEO can be for anyone who is serious about establishing a strong internet presence for their home-based business. You must have access to your website and the ability to make changes to it. SEO does take patience and the willingness to keep educating one’s self on the ever changing SEO process. There is a learning curve involved in SEO, but it is like anything, if you are willing to educate yourself about SEO the returns will be huge for you and your teams. Image the excitement of having 10, 20 or even 50 people a day visiting your website to learn more about your products or services. The best part is they want what you are offering.

Use SEO to find those people! They need what you are offering and are searching for it every day online.

Learn what you can about SEO to see if it is a fit for your business building strategy. More and more SEO firms are being established online so do your homework before you invest a lot of money in their services. For a relatively low cost you can learn some important basics and begin to experiment with your website to develop targeted leads for your home-based business. SEO is the “New School” of lead generation and will become a more integral part of Network Marketing distributors and companies lead generation strategies in the future. Be ahead of the rest of the class and go find the people who are searching for what you offer. You WILL be hooked when you generate your first lead!


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