September 2022

Issue #203

Christian Wiesner, on a mission to work with us to improve the image of our profession worldwide!

Christian Wiesner has been a Direct Sales Pro for 30 years. He is a Social Commerce Disruptor!

He has built Worldwide Organizations with Millions of Partners and Customers in wellness, telecom, and home electronics.

He is the CEO of Shopwithme, a Social Commerce Company in Europe.

Christian is a Lifetime Member of The Network Marketing Magazine and one of the members of The World Leader group, dedicated to improving the image of network marketing, worldwide.

Becoming Who Others Want To Follow

When someone enters the world of network marketing Leadership is an important skill set to have. Actually, we are in the Leadership business! How do we become who others want to follow?

How do we do that? Begging, tricking, coercing people? I don’t think so! Then how is it accomplished and is this important?

You have the opportunity this month to find out what some of the brightest minds in our profession think about this interesting business-building topic.

Enjoy the 203rd edition of your Resource!


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