September 2021


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What To Say

To learn what to say, it is imperative to become a skillful listener

There are many things that are important to learn and to develop a skill set, to become financially successful in a network marketing business. One of them is Listening.

Listening was last month’s topic. Last month goes hand in hand and this month’s topic on What To Say. To learn what to say, it is imperative to become a skillful listener and a skillful questioner.

Some of us have developed these skill sets, others, have taken decades to learn them, and there are many adults that never mastered these important skill sets. This is likely the root cause of the lack of success in their business and great relationships in their life.

Check out the wisdom and incites expressed from the experts on this subject and what they have to say about, Network Marketing and What To Say.

This month we feature a 40 year legend and an expert in listening and what to say, Russ DeVan.

If you are not familiar with this internationally known teacher and trainer, you are in for a real treat. Russ has helped more networkers to earn 5, 6 and 7 figure incomes than almost any other trainer. Look him up or contact him here at and put in the subject line, Help me, Russ!


What To Say by Russ DeVan

"What Do I Say To Someone To Get _____?" (An Opinion) by RussDeVan Ah yes; "The Holy Grail" of answers sought by Network marketers and new aspiring sellers and recruiters all over the globe. The blank may be filled in with : "...someone interested in me; a product; or a...

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What To Say Advice from Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

How to get people to talk to. Normal conversation is easy. But engaging people in a sales presentation … oh, that is much harder. But what if our normal conversation naturally led to a sales presentation? This is easy to do. Just remember that people are polite … and reactive....

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The Art of Marketing By David Feinstein

Not saying is worse than saying the wrong thing at times. A business that doesn't communicate to the consumer base is one that will falter forever. The best practice to open a conversation is to  focus solely on one person. If the marketing has been done right. Creating an opening...

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Building real, authentic relationships! BY Stacey Hall

This is all about building real, authentic relationships and attracting dream clients who actually want to buy your products and services… so you can finally grow your business.Sign up for Network Marketing Magazine and get access to this and all the information for making you a Network Marketing success story. Click...

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The Key to Your Success as a Network Marketer By John W. Hackett Ed.D.  

September Network Marketing MagazineThe Key to Your Success as a Network Marketer Will Not Your Sales Pitch, It Will be Your A.S.K. Mindset That Builds Relationship and CustomersJohn Hackett Ed.D. In network marketing, all organizations, and frankly in life, our success is primarily determined by our ability to build and...

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What To Say By Robert Butwin

With decades of leadership experience and training, thousands of networkers have followed Robert's advice in What To Say to bring a conversation around to what's important to them and not about Robert. Listen to the advice that Robert Butwin has to share on this important topic. up for Network...

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Wiring Your Brain For Success By Shad Helmstetter Ph.D

Dr. Shad Helmstetter Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. Best-selling author of What to Say When You Talk to Your Self and Negative Self-Talk and How to Change It In the many years, I’ve spent studying the field of network marketing and identifying the key steps that lead to success, I’ve often been...

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