Servant Leadership? By George Madiou

Servant Leadership is not a leadership style or technique as such. Rather it’s a way of behaving that you adopt over the longer term.

We are in the leadership business. Creating teaching and guiding people into a leadership role is one of the most critical things to our success, and to the success of our partners, that we can do.

The concept of servant leadership is a concept that is almost a cliché or buzzword in network marketing. All leadership is servant leadership.

Servant leadership is part of the mindset of a great leader.

Leadership is not confined to business. One of the most important roles a parent can have is being the leader of their family. Teaching the skill set and the mindset of leadership is not confined to when a person enters into adulthood.

One of the greatest training that you could help your children with is the concept of what great leadership is and looks like. When you help your children develop the mindset of leading, their dependence on others, who may not be great leaders will be eliminated.

It’s never too late to create that leadership mindset.

There are more books and videos that are available and a person entering into the work world would gain a tremendous advantage in adding this to the basic training of their continued growth after High School, if not before.

Obviously, in business, leadership is critical. Taking responsibility for yourself, your business and what is happening all around you is part of being a great leader. Blaming others, circumstances, the government, the upline, the downline, is all meaningless, when you’re not taking a look at your role and how you can grab control over leading yourself, and your business, down the successful path, that you want to take place.

My strong suggestion is to follow the examples of the great leaders. Start with Googling leadership, and start your journey today. This journey should never end.

You can never get to a point where you’re done developing as a great leader work on yourself and then help others in this endeavor.



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