Servant Salesperson by Carol Briney

Carol_BrineyWhen your attitude of generosity and helpfulness shines through you are selling from the servant point of view  Most people see sales as a necessary evil, something that they don’t want to do and would most likely avoid at all costs. Some people even believe that a sales job is beneath them. Actually, in the beginning of my journey I have to admit that I was one of those people. I believed that I would never be a sales person. I believed all of the stereotypical things about sales and the people who do “that kind” of work. As I entered the wonderful world of network marketing I learned many lessons. The lesson that made the most impact on my business success was learning that when we equate selling with getting what we want it is a hard and most often unsavory business.

However, if we equate sales with serving other peoples needs and helping them to get what they want and need “sales” can be one of the most rewarding occupations on the planet.

 NULL When we sell our business to convince people to purchase our products or to join us because we are after the bottom line we are selling from a selfish standpoint. When all we care about is making money or getting to the next level people can feel the desperation in our presentation. This type of selling is what gives sales a bad name. We work at convincing and conniving. These activities are what make people feel that they are being sold, and I believe that no one wants to be sold. On-the-other-hand, if we focus our energy on serving the customer by asking questions and listening to the answers with the intent to hear, really hear and understand what the person needs, then we are a servant sales person.

When you are asking questions and listening you can determine how your product or business can enhance your prospects life. If you listen, really listen, people will always tell you how to present your opportunity or product.

The questions I like to ask myself before I start any conversation is:

  1. How can I be of service to this person?
  2. What do I need to know about them, their challenges, their dreams and their goals?
  3. How can what I have help them?
  4. How can I make this process as easy as possible for them?

Remember that when your attitude of generosity and helpfulness shines through you are selling from the servant point of view you will be connecting authentically with your prospects. Until next time, remember I BELIEVE IN YOU!


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Carol Briney
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