Servant Leadership by Jeanette S. Lopez Video

Servant Leadership

Jeanette Lopez is the Executive Assistant to George Madiou.  Her passion for Personal Development and Servant Leadership was the perfect fit for George’s business mission of serving the industry of network marketing with the concept of developing the “Mindset of the Network Marketer”.

  • Jeanette takes pleasure in shining the spotlight on the magazine’s contributing authors on Social Media every day.

  • She is on a daily mission of promoting the concept of The Network Marketing Magazine’s 27%’er Success Membershipto as many business leaders as possible.

 Her goal is to be the role model for anyone who desires to achieve success in life professionally without ever having any experience in the world of Network Marketing. To her, it’s fun and fulfilling to inspire others…her attitude is contagious.

Servant Leadership from JeanetteOnTheNet on Vimeo.




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