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rod nicholsYou can stop seeking the holy grail of network marketing – it’s been found. Get your eyes off the money, start serving the people who are looking at your business and will eventually join. I fell in love with network marketing in 1979. Some friends were over for dinner and the next thing I knew we were in the middle of a network marketing presentation. The first time I saw those circles I was hooked and have been ever since.

Initially, what attracted me was the big money and because I was only focused on the money, I failed miserably for many years.

It wasn’t until the early nineties that I finally found the secret to success in network marketing. I know that you have probably been digging through books, listening to tapes, attending seminars, and watching DVDs in hope of finding the secret to success. Well, get ready, here it comes. May I have a drum roll please?  NULL Hey, not so fast, first let me tell you how I stumbled across this secret. After several failures, I decided to become a student of the industry. At one of the seminars I attended, two brothers, who were top income earners in network marketing, told me that instead of focusing on making a million dollars, I should instead focus on making a million friends. This was the first part of the inspiration that later led me to tremendous success in network marketing. The second and final piece I found in the Bible. When a dispute arose about who was the greatest, Jesus replied “whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant . . .” (Matt. 20:26 NIV)

I put these two concepts together and realized that in order to succeed in network marketing I needed to serve people and develop friendships.

Jesus served his disciples, by washing their feet and then later called them friends. In network marketing we serve people by helping them build their business and as we do, we make friends. The more people we help the more friends we have, the bigger our business, and the higher our checks. I believe that servant leadership is the one feature that really sets network marketing apart from every other type of business. In other businesses, you’re competing against your co-workers for promotions. You would never share your success secrets for fear that they might receive the promotion instead of you. Network marketing is just the opposite. You want to share all your success secrets with every person in your network.

In fact, you really want every person to succeed in a big way, because (in a fair compensation plan) the bigger they succeed, the greater your success.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “How do I serve?” That’s a darn good question. Here are some ways that you can serve your downline associates. First, help them dream big dreams, set realistic goals, break those goals down into bite size objectives, work those objectives into their already busy schedule, and then hold them accountable to those activities. Second, if they are brand new, why not send out ten information packets (at your expense) to their hottest warm market prospects and then help them with the follow-up calls. Then make yourself available to do three-way calls with interested prospects. Third, call and encourage several times a week, when they first begin and then at least once a week after that. Fourth, recognize their achievements, both small and large – become their biggest cheerleader. Fifth, if you have an associate who’s tight on funds, pay for an advertisement or purchase some leads, and split the prospects with them. There are many ways – just about anything you do to sincerely help your associates succeed would be considered serving them. Remember, the idea is to keep your eyes on their success and not on how much money you are going to earn off them.

Okay, now you know the secret to success – serve to succeed.

You can stop seeking the holy grail of network marketing – it’s been found. Get your eyes off the money, start serving the people who are looking at your business and will eventually join. Your loving service will change them from prospects to associates and from associates to life-long friends.


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