Setting Realistic Goals by Jill Koenig

Jill KoenigBy progressively doing a little more and going beyond, you create a whole new level in your life.  I’m sure if you’re a serious Goal Setter, at some point you have heard the acronym of S.M.A.R.T. goals. Specific
Time Bound That’s logical except for one thing.

Most people are not inspired by “Reasonable” Goals.

And who decides what is reasonable? Most of the Goals that I set out to achieve last year were completely UNreasonable. I wrote two highly acclaimed books and created two audio programs in a span of less than six months. I also partnered with other leaders and contributed to dozens of books, programs and projects. I started a new business from scratch and achieved outrageous results. NULL What makes this even more remarkable is that I achieved more in the past year during a time when I had the most challenges. This is the first time that I am publicly sharing that for much of that time I was providing around the clock care for a sick relative, squeezing in my work in between the demands of their care. For months I maximized precious minutes to write while in hospital waiting rooms and created the works that are the foundation for the principles I teach in my books and workshops. So why am I telling you this now? Because it was “UNrealistic” to pursue some of the goals I set. It was outrageous. It was… I.N.S.A.N.E. Inspiring

I understood that even in the face of struggle, I always have a choice. I could let go of my deepest desires or I could embrace them and find comfort in them.

I did have to change some time tables. I did have to make some adjustments and rearrange some things. But I held tight to my Goals and dreams. Many times I was only able to do a little towards their advancement, but I always did something. Every single day. And those little somethings added up and accumulated into BIG results. I didn’t let anyone else tell me what was “realistic.” Other people don’t know my capacity, my determination, my dreams, my motivation, my passion, my commitment, my mission in life, my destiny. And part of that destiny is growth. Perseverance. Overcoming obstacles. I used to be afraid to be uncomfortable. I would never grow if I only did what was comfortable, what was easy. I found the power that lies within by doing the difficult, embracing a challenge, feeling the fear and doing it anyways.

You cannot live your dreams when you are “reasonable.”

Do you think Bill Gates, Oprah, Tiger Woods, YouTube, Ray Kroc, Henry Ford, or Einstein set “realistic” Goals? Heck NO! People thought they were INSANE! I found that after you do what is uncomfortable, that thing is no longer uncomfortable. By progressively doing a little more and going beyond, you create a whole new level in your life.

So don’t set easy Goals. Set Goals that make you stretch. Set goals that challenge you and force you to grow.

Set Goals that motivate you to become more today than you were yesterday. Set Goals that make you become extraordinary. Set Goals that scare you. Set Goals that make you feel ALIVE. Set Goals that are compelling and be willing to do the work. Set some Unrealistic Goals. Set some INSANE Goals. Live Your Dreams,
Jill Koenig


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