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Shannon ShubertSetting the stage for social media by far is the revolutionary change across the Country.  Setting the stage for social media by far is the revolutionary change across the Country. More and more Businesses are joining Social networking like and Media sites than ever. Why? Time, money, management, consumer reviews, competitor review, real time traffic, faster spread of content through the web, faster results, and better production. Most importantly, businesses can communicate more efficiently with their consumer and they can also stay progressive with their competitor’s at hand through social media and networking. And it’s FREE; it cut’s costs in advertising and print.

The number one reason why businesses are using social networking is they get to build PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS with each and every person, client, and prospect, OR new JV on their site.

That is the greatest gift of social media and networking. NULL So what’s all the hype about? Why is this so important? And what if I’m a business that is NOT familiar with the Internet at all? Will I fall behind? Will get into that in a bit… Now to the facts: More than 60 million active users using facebook on any given day, more than 65 billion page views per month, over 3 million people become a fan of a facebook page a day. On YouTube, the average consumer will watch 73 minutes of video each month. On twitter, you never have to miss a customer’s response, reach a wider audience in real time, gain more customers, communication and gain advocates. This is the Viral Effect of the New Revolution of communicating through our business relationships and service. Do you want to know how to conquer the online world with your business? If so there is 1 KEY question YOU MUST understand and get deep into your heart. 1. What is the difference between Social Media and Social Networking? Social Media is the “content” we put on the sites. If we post blog articles, favorite articles on Digg, Delicious. If we post a video on YouTube, all of this is “content” of interest to our network. And it means NOTHING anymore, and I mean absolutely NOTHING if you don’t understand social networking. Social Networking is the foundation in which we are “BUILDING” quality real relationships with the people on the networking sites. We Interact, socialize, engage in wall conversations, exchange emails, read their profiles, and getting to know who they are. When we can take 5 minutes out of our day every day to know one new person on our network we are that much closer to building an empire of people in business who want to follow us. It is said that the “consumer” has the control today.

This means we need to understand what it takes for people to buy or join our team and products.

It’s not as simple as posting a link on Craigslist’s anymore let them click, join and never have to talk to them and now you have their money. People just are not doing that these days.

People want to talk to REAL people; they want to know they are going to be lead by REAL people. And that is why we have Social Networking sites as a portal and a place to meet, interact and build with likeminded people all around the world.

Now that you know the difference between Social Media and Social Networking you should feel more confident to conquer your next step in “setting the stage” for setting up your social media network for business. One of the biggest challenges people and businesses face when coming online and why I started my business 4 years ago is the “How to” of all of this. It’s overwhelming! Especially for someone who has NO clue about the Internet but knows this is where technology is taking us. Will you be the one to Fall behind? You will, if you don’t act now. Because technology is not going anywhere. in fact, statistics grow by the day for online social media. Where once was used for friends, family, online dating, and shopping networks, has the businesses and corporate America’s tapping into a world of opportunity and growth. So the question is, Are YOU one who is of the 95% still trying to make it, or do you want to be a part of the 5% who have learned how to MASTER the social media and networking system? How did they do this? By “Setting the Stage for their Social Media” experience which then they conquered with the results they got by applying and following EXACTLY the techniques given to them. Remember when I said this a Revolutionary change in today’s world? It still is. If technology is not going anywhere, then let’s STILL use the olden day’s version of talking to people face to face and bring that concept and mentality online with us. Remember how good that felt? I hear all the time about “what happened to talking to people anymore?”

We can still do that. We need to bring that personality, that heart, that spirit of how we were raised, but because of technology and where it’s headed, we can STILL build those quality relationships with our customers, through our VOICE! And through social networking, and the quality “content” that we put on our social media sites.

Separate yourself from the rest of the crowd! In saying all that I have put together some start up tips for anyone and any business that is looking to start their business online. Here are some fast start tips for social networking success: 1. Facebook:

    • Create your personal profile – (for branding YOU)
    • Start to build your network (friends) in your specific “niche”
    • Start to build your network by searching for friends in your local area on facebook.
    • Start to communicate each day with your network building relationships with them
    • This establishes the “trust” engage in conversations with them on “walls” ask what people are doing, ask questions, post articles, things of interest, and post pictures. This will get people’s interested in YOU. Potentially your next client.
    • Engage, Engage, And Engage!!! ( I Can’t stress that enough)

Create a Fan Page

  • Over 3 million people become a fan of someone’s fan page a DAY!
  • Unlike your profile, fan pages are search engine optimized!
  • Dress your Fan page up with banners, opt-in forms and more!
  • Link your twitter page to your fan page. This is called “monetizing” making your social media more efficient for you so you have more time to build your business.
  • Send unlimited messages to your fans


2. Groups

  • Start a group to offer weekly tips to your members.
  • It is also a great way to build your list.
  • NEW – facebook groups are NOW like facebook FAN pages – NOW your groups are SEO!!!!
  • Don’t have time? That’s ok. Send your members a recorded training call link.PERFECT!

3. Twitter

  • Create a profile
  • Start posting your status updates
  • Listen, communicated, and reply back with your listeners and readers worldwide!
  • “Search” and save your keyword “niche” industry to see what is talked about
  • Follow tweeters in your specific “niche”
  • Grow your followers with the number 1 award winning software with
  • Reply, retweet back to them, they return the favor sometimes!
  • Get iphone, blackberry, and phone applications for your phone, tweet anywhere, anytime!
  • Fastest, easiest means of transmitting communication worldwide!

4. Blog

  • This is your central
    Everything should be coming back to this point.
  • Social networking should be used to communicate with people. Other social media sites linked and feeding to the blog. All RSS feeds linked into the blog.
  • Blog feeding back out to other networks, and back into the blog. We want all traffic coming to the blog
  • Install the right plug ins that are related to your social media sites
  • This is our personal “home”

5. YouTube

  • Social media
  • Integrate your social media sites to link your videos automatically!
  • Build personal relationships through video
  • Link YouTube to all your social networking sites like twitter and facebook through RSS feeds and banners



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