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John Milton Fogg“The only reason why I’m here today is because I’ve helped others get what they want, and it made an ordinary person like me lead an extraordinary life.” Beth Jacobs was born in Groton, Connecticut, in the same year as her sister Ellen. They’re only 11 months apart. She has two brothers, Harold and Craig. Allen, Beth’s father was a career Naval officer; the Captain and Executive Officer of a couple of destroyers, and he served as Commander at Pearl Harbor, Chief of Staff of Naval forces in the Philippines, Chief Of Staff for Command Carrier in California and of Naval Forces in the Philippines, and Assistant Inspector General for the Navy in Washington, DC. The family moved a lot. Beth went to elementary school in California, Georgia, Hawaii, junior high school in California and high school in Virginia and Rhode Island. NULL

Her mom, Lennie, was a homemaker and also a Tupperware dealer for a couple of years when Beth was in 7th and 8th grade. “I think my dad wanted to quit the Navy and do Tupperware with her full-time,” Beth said. Knowing she would always find friends through joining the Navy’s Officers Wive’s Club or any social activity she did, Beth’s mother mainly concentrated on their moves and making sure the four children found a friend the very first day they went to their new school. Beth can still hear her mother saying, “Invite them to dinner!”

The children all left the house on a mission, concentrating on finding some great new friends.

“We moved every year or two,” Beth said. “I could move in a heartbeat, and adapt nicely, since I had those experiences growing up. And I learned basically that the same friends you’re leaving are there in your next location, so I couldn’t imagine not knowing new people and quickly making new friends at each place I moved.” “I was always happy,” Beth said, “because I learned networking from my mother I was able to make friends so easily.” Beth went to college at the University of Connecticut and got her Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degree there. She did her Master’s while teaching high school. She taught home economics, vocational education, business and she also taught history and psychology. There was a shortage of teachers the year Beth graduated, so she actually finished up college and taught full-time at the same time. Beth taught for 10 years, and then started looking into doing something different. She learned about Network Marketing in business classes at college. From watching what the business did since she graduated, Beth was intrigued about the industry and she wrote the Direct Selling Association and got a list of 300 companies to look at.

Beth had been to an in-home cooking show when she was living in Illinois. That’s the company she picked.

“I chose them 22 years ago,” Beth said, “because it’s something where I could showcase my love of cooking, baking and bringing families together to the table for mealtime. That was always important for the families where both my husband and I come from. Plus I had already seen that show and the products left such a good impression on me.” “While watching that first show, I remember thinking, ‘Wow! I wonder if I could make money doing this.’ But I didn’t start my Direct Selling business for three or four years after that. When I began it was really great, I think mainly because I set goals from the beginning.” “That’s one thing many people don’t do,” Beth says. “And you can’t have just any goal. You have to find a goal that is so powerful that every time you think of it, it’s going to keep you inspired— inspired up. Since day one with my business my major focus was on cash for college for Jacqueline and Matthew, our two children, and retirement for Jake and myself.” “And everything I did with my business that was successful brought me that,” Beth said, “even though they were long-term goals. I concentrated on the basics of the business. We only had 525 Consultants when I started, but luckily there was a national conference in Chicago within three weeks after I began, so I could find those successful Consultants to speak with and learn from.” “I have a great work ethic,” Beth says, “and when you work with conviction from day one, however you do it, things go great. Thank goodness for Bart Breighner’s book Face-To-Face Selling. “What many people do is they do read” Beth says, “but they don’t apply what they read as something new to try for their business. I did that all the time, especially with that book. It was so important to me, every chapter.”

“This business is all about face-to-face selling and prospecting.”

“That really helped keep me focused on my goals,” Beth says, “on what to do. And from teaching all those years I learned to be organized. And I’m pretty divergent and creative in my leadership. I do show people the way to get to success. And I learned there’s more than one way to get there: Two plus two equals four, but so does five minus one, and four plus zero and six minus two.” “I just have everybody concentrate on the basics of the home party business. Offering the business opportunity to the host of the Show, then to the guests; finding the next bookings and sell the product; are the three areas of focus at the Show, before they walk out the door!” “One of the first things I learned— and this was really an awakening for me, I didn’t realize this would happen— was that not all people who signed up stayed with the business. Early on I learned I had to just keep recruiting new Consultants to my team, because my success will be determined by their life experiences and their success.” “I call it my success line,” Beth said, “and I have about 6,000 in my success-line. My Personal Team and First through Third Generations make up my success line, however, I do train and support Consultants beyond that and earn about a half a million dollars a year.” “And I started out with my first commission check being $253.83,” Beth said. “But at that time, I did not realize that there was a big opportunity until I began working the business and stuck with it. We are a home-party plan. That’s how I got to where I am, by always doing my Shows.” Most people say you’ve got to work hard. Beth says it differently. She agrees that you do have to work, but you’ve got to work smart.

And working smart for Beth means following “The Best Practices” for your actual business.

She calls them RSVP, which are the best practices trained by her company. The R is your personal Recruiting which she has always done. “I am always recruiting,” Beth says. “Recruit one, two new Consultants per month minimum. At the Show is where I can bring people for training, and that’s where I can build my team.” “And also my team’s recruiting. We didn’t just start out by me only doing the recruiting. I wanted them to recruit. So that’s how you build your team wide and deep. I did that from the very beginning because I knew to do it.” S is Selling, always selling. Not just the minimums. Beth sells products and does her Shows, and she’s made sure that those who she recruited and are on her team today are aiming to sell the leader’s minimum of $3,000 per month. V means working with the Very new people. “You never know who is going to be the next National Executive Director, which is my title and the highest title you can attain in our company,” Beth said. And the P means working with the Performers, the people who are matching their words with their actions and really doing something with the business. “RSVP should be your laser-focus!” “You know,” Beth says, “people want to do business with people. They want to do business with people who they know, like and trust. People I meet know I want to do business, and people want to do business with people who want to d
o business, so I figured that’s something that goes along with the skill set.” “The other thing is, I think I’m really blessed to have had Jack Canfield’s information when I was alone in the beginning,” Beth said. “I mean, just the whole thing about ‘Ask, Ask. Ask.’ Because you’re going to get what you ask for. And when you don’t ask, the answer’s always no. So it’s always best to ask and find out what they are thinking!” Ask Beth why she’s so passionate about this business and she’ll tell you that it’s personal.

“It provides the opportunity to be a great mom and dad and earn an awesome income!”

“That’s what I love most,” she says, “and that it’s a relationship business.” “One thing that I always tell people,” Beth says, “Don’t underestimate the business. There really isn’t a need that has to be created for our industry. That need already exists.” “We have increased our direct selling businesses every year for 22 years,” she says. “So, I think the best tips I can give people are when you’re trying your Network Marketing business or any home-party plan or direct selling, always give yourself permission to succeed.

“Settle for more.”

“I mean,” Beth says. “It doesn’t matter where you are in life. Just give yourself permission to move forward; don’t look back; you’re not going that way. Don’t let anything hold you back. Just decide, whatever your past, don’t make excuses, because you can’t make excuses and money at the same time.” “Find a goal. It has to be a very powerful goal that sets you on fire and keeps you inspired. The goal keeps you there and it makes you work smart. Sometimes you have to move on to plan B, C… Just be laser-focused!” “The number one reason I found for why someone doesn’t get involved in this industry is because someone didn’t ask them.” Make it your goal to ask everyone and let them make a decision for themselves.” “When you don’t ask, whose choice it?” Beth says. “It’s your choice and it should be theirs. It’s so easy to match our business with the needs of a person when you first talk with them and find out what they’re looking for.” “This industry is a definite opportunity and when the opportunity arises, just go for it. Be the best you can be by confronting the opportunities you have each day. You have the opportunity to control your own money and time! I don’t know any other business that you could start up for such a low cost. And I just don’t want anybody to underestimate this great opportunity just because it does cost so little to start this business.” “You can control your life and will get everything you want and you’ll have the opportunity to be a mom or a dad and earn the money that you desire, dream of and deserve simply by helping enough others get what they want!” “With Network Marketing, you can be happy with your job. We earn what we want to earn.”

“I’m really passionate about this industry. It’s the career of the 21st century.”

“The only reason why I’m here today is because I’ve helped others get what they want, and it made an ordinary person like me lead an extraordinary life. Network Marketing is absolutely an amazing career choice!” ___________________________ From The Greatest Networkers in the World


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