Shoot that Goal!!! by Deborah Neary

Deborah Neary

When someone tells me to write down some of my goals it can throw me off for the day.

I asked myself before starting this article: What is it about that word ‘goal’ that has always made me feel a bit squirmy?

Does this word have similar effects on you? Let’s have a little think about it shall we? Let’s disperse the serious, often negative impact of this cumbersome word.

My goal today was to simply start writing something. I took my first step and opened my laptop then typed the title. First things first!

I investigated the general ideas on the web about goal setting. I looked up the definition. I listened to my spiritual, meditation teacher, Kamlesh Patel, author of “The Heartfulness Way” and he got me thinking about a very basic goal setting scenario.

Imagine you really wanted to visit a friend in a big city, but you had no idea where they lived. Before leaving, you looked up their address and planned on taking first a train, then a bus, and then you walked the rest of the distance to their house.

You met your friend and had tea and a good old chat. It did take some effort to get there but it came naturally to you because you had a singular goal, and that made your path smoother knowing precisely where you wanted to go.

The goal was achieved!

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Deborah Neary
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