Six Business Tips for Working Your Business (No Matter When You Started) By Mary Jane Humes

At first, the topic of “starting your business” did not make sense to me. Most of you reading this magazine have already started some sort of network marketing business. But as George said, there is a huge difference between starting your business and starting it properly. No matter where you are in your business, you can start to do things differently so that you will become more successful, both personally and professionally.

Here are some tips on how to start (or restart) your business in the right way.

1. Make Time for Your Business. Your business is a job. In a job you have set, regular hours to work. In your business you are working for yourself; you don’t have to answer to a boss. But you must discipline yourself to “go to work” at regular intervals. Many of us do our network marketing business around our other responsibilities, such as another job and our families. While that is good, you must carve out some regular business hours each week where you devote time to exclusively working your business, doing both business-building activities and business support activities

2. Write A Business Plan. Before starting any type of business, writing a business plan is a must. But in the world of network marketing, this step is usually overlooked, or ignored completely. Writing a business plan is not easy, but if you are serious about your business, it is a vital ingredient. If you have not yet done so, seek out someone, your upline, a mentor, or even another business person to help you to complete this very important step. You may have to even pay for some help you do this, but it will be worth it.

3. Being Busy is Not Enough. If you work your business on a regular basis, that’s great! But being busy with business “stuff” will not necessarily build your business. Business activities are either building activities, which involve other people, especially prospects, (or both you and your team), or business support activities, which include such things as training meetings, paperwork, and organizing your office. While both are necessary and needful, you will only build your business when you actively engage with other people. Every week, plan some time to talk with people about your business, either in person, on the phone, or online.

4. Find a Coach. One of the weaknesses of network marketing businesses is the lack of individual training. We usually get signed up by a sponsor and then we are figurately “thrown into the deep end of the pool” to either sink or swim. The sad part of this is that many of us sink; we are not taught how to swim. None of us are born with the knowledge of knowing how to build a network marketing business but we can learn. Many times, sponsors don’t know themselves about how to build any type of business, causing eager, new business builders to experience “the blind leading the blind. ” Find a person, a course, something, on a weekly, if not daily, basis to help you actively build your business. An excellent starting place is our own George Madiou’s 27% Success System. This daily training is great on its own, and it can also complement any other training offered by your particular company or upline

5. Be Open to Change. When you hit a plateau in your business, and you will be totally open to change. You may have to get the advice of someone who cares about you who will objectively look at what you are doing in order to help you. You may even have to change some of your business tactics, even if you have been doing them for a long time. While some types of business activities work well for some people, they may not necessarily work for you. Find the types of activities that will work for you and be willing to change tactics. In some extreme cases, you may even have to change coaches or even companies. Sometimes your company may fail you, or go out of business. Failure is part of any business and life. If you experience failure, you are not a failure, you have just learned what not to do. So, take your failures and redirect the knowledge you have gained.

6. Enjoy the Journey. Your business is a journey. Every day that you work it, you are learning. A network marketing business is hands-on learning. Focus on what you have already learned and accomplished. You are unique, so don’t compare yourself and your personal business with that of your brilliant and successful upline or anyone else. Despite their success, you don’t know what battles they are fighting. Strive to compete against yourself, to better yourself both personally and financially, and not compare yourself with anyone else.

No matter where you are in your business, I hope that you will benefit from some of these tips and be able to grow into a better version of the person that you are, and the work that you have been given to accomplish.

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