Six Characteristics of a Growth Mindset to Help You in Your Network Marketing Business by Mary Jane Humes

Mary Jane Humes

The definition of mindset according to The Free Dictionary: mindset — a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.

While everyone has a mindset, having a growth mindset is vital to having a growing business.

Growing a network marketing business involves developing a mindset that is always growing, expanding, and adapting. As the mindset develops — grows — so will your business. Here are some characteristics of a growth mindset, which relate directly to your network marketing business.

1 Failure is part of the process. When someone says that failure is NOT an option, they are also closing the door to success. Failure will occur, but failure only occurs as you try, attain, and stretch. When no attempt is made, there also will be no failure. But although failure occurs, as it will, YOU are not a failure. Failure is just the result of something not working right. So you adjust and try again. As long as you are actively working, planning, and executing those plans, you are growing, and you are moving forward, despite temporary setbacks, which are called failures.

2 Criticism is Good. When someone who cares about your success (i.e., your upline) criticizes what you are doing or not doing, accept it and embrace it as a good thing, a learning tool. Constructive criticism is not a personal affront, and because of the very structure of network marketing, your upline leaders has your success in mind, making their criticism a valuable asset to both you and your business.  

3 Become Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable. Doing things you have never done before, attempting new things, will takes you out of your comfort zone. But it is only outside of where you are comfortable that you can stretch yourself and grow mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even spiritually. Growth is a series of changes, sometimes uncomfortable, but the flip side is stagnation. Growth, even when it is uncomfortable, is profitable.

4 Long-Term Goals are Vital. Fix your mind on your long-term goals to help develop your growth mindset. Your daily and short-term goals are all related to your ultimate “why,” which is your larger fixed and future goals. Refuse to relinquish them until you have them successfully accomplished. Your long-term goals give you purpose, and a plan, which will move you forward each day, and with every challenge, you will know where you’re going. Although you may endure setbacks, and even failures, your goals are waiting for you to arrive.

5 Feed Your Mind Daily. Your upline may encourage you to read or listen to books or audio trainings. If you want to be a leader in your network marketing company, then you first need to be a learner. Learn from both successful, and sometimes not-so-successful persons. You will develop yourself based on bits from so many others. A growth mindset is one that is continually learning new things, both related to your role in your company, and in your personal life.

6 Have a Can-Do Attitude — (Even when you have never done something before!). There was a time when you could not walk, but eventually, you learned. So when you are asked to do something you never did before, like teaching a class, give a presentation, or write a book, remember that your life has been a series of learning experiences, and when you are asked to do something that you have never done before, you are just being offered yet another experience. Embrace new opportunities, knowing that if nothing else, you will learn and you will grow.

The mind is a valuable thing, and your mind is one of your greatest assets.

But you have the power to develop your mind, and as you develop your mind, as you seek to have a growth mindset, approach your challenges, both in and out of your network marketing business, and you will find yourself changing for the better. But you have a choice — only you can do this for yourself — no one can do it for you. And every day, with every opportunity, you have the ability to choose what you will do as you develop your growth mindset.

Apply the characteristics of a growth mindset to your business and you will find that, not only will your business grow, you will become a better, wiser, and more successful person, both in and out of your network marketing business.

Mary Jane Humes
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