Smart Marketing By Dale Calvert

Smart Marketing By Dale Calvert

There is no marketing that can replace Leadership

There is no marketing that will replace Fear of Failure.

             and fear of rejection who are consumed by that emotion ….. Learn More….

  • Dale Calvert

    Dale Calvert started his first business from his parents home at the age of 14. For the past 25 years he has been supporting entrepreneurs and marketing professionals with some of the most powerful training programs in the industry. is Dale's Catalog site featuring training articles, quotes and poems, MLM greeting cards, and more. This is where you can subscribe to Dale's Top Rated Ezine.

    Dale Calvert is a 25 year marketing professional. A directory of Dale’s websites can be found at His new course will teach you 21 Ways to create leads in your local market. You can get all the details at
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  2. AvatarJim O'Halloran

    Dale is 100% on target. Fear of failure and fear of rejection are the main stumbling blocks to success in Network Marketing. Worrying about what someone else may think if you tell them what you are doing or about the products you are offering is a sure way to failure. You will be frozen into inaction, and without action there is no progress. Don’t worry, be happy, and take action!

  3. AvatarChuck Brown

    As always, Dale Calvert is right on the money with this one! Build people and people (not the tech gadget of the day) will build the business.

  4. AvatarOded

    Social media with the internet and their ever evolving business tech is all about people connecting with people. Mr. Calvert’s masterful ability to do exactly that, independent of savvy tech, is inspiring.

  5. AvatarShawn Callin

    Great Video. Yes we have technology that makes it easier to get information into our prospects hands but it is still just as easy not to do it! Everything Dale said is truth and fear of failure, fear of rejection and leadership all need to be tackled from day one and are a work in progress that need to be revisited daily which is better known as personal development.

  6. AvatarBrutal Truth

    Two words describe the current climate in 2019 for MLM/Network Marketing/Relational Marketing : MASS CONFUSION. Mix that with the nature of people today in general – short attention spans, laziness, 99.9% having no selling skills or marketing skills and no desire to obtain it, plus a lottery mentality will produce an even lower success rate than the industry did 40 years ago. Add to that a MLM companies’ comp plan with it’s outdated, LOW margin plans not any better than comp plans 40 yrs ago – only with smoke & mirrors names like ‘double matrix’ and ‘hybrid’. Most people get in MLM to make MONEY, yet so very few make anything that resembles even a comfortable income. Sadly, MLM has become the equivalent of a financial suicide for the majority of people. It is stacked with flaws on top of flaws for the ‘average Joes’ that they are almost guranteed to fail and the numbers prove it. The only ones I saw getting rich in MLM were the owners, the independent MLM trainers and the resort hotels in Vegas that they stay at for seminars.

  7. AvatarLinton

    Hi Dale.
    You are right. Marketing tools are helpful but don’t replace leadership.
    The internet can speed up success, however, it can also multiply destruction.

  8. AvatarDeb Murphy

    Dale is at a different level. He talks about the real issues most would rather ignore. So glad he is always thinking “What is the limiting belief holding someone back in any given situation” Just Genius

  9. AvatarWalter Rivera Santos

    People inner power awakeness skill is base on knowing the works of the mind.
    The individual actions follow the thoughts within. The marketer most understand how to help them acquired what they think they want.
    Just perceived trusted people can move the needle with those who got a need to move forward.
    Our task is to attract people who wants a to build their lives and show them the way in a tangible manner they can understand.


    Great Article!!! We continue to get new technology that makes it easier to expose our opportunity and products to prospects but what is easier to do is still just as easy or even easier not to do. Until we define our why, continue to overcome our fear of failure, fear of rejection and fear of what someone thinks about us (better known as personal development!) tools will only be distractions and a real or virtual paper weights.


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