Smart Marketing Starts With You! By George Madiou

Smart Marketing Starts With You!

That’s right. Smart Marketing starts with you, who you are, who you need to become and how you choose to get there.

That being said, you might come to the conclusion that it doesn’t come over night or by attending a weekend seminar.

It’s a process. Here are 7 steps to create your smart marketing plan.

  • Mindset

    • You will be amazed what happens when you apply the proper self-talk to your daily life. Do a sort in The Network Marketing Magazine, the author Shad Helmstetter, Dr. Helmstetter is the foremost authority on the subject of self-talk and success. This is a great start on this pathway.

  • Why are you doing what you are doing?

    • Determine your Top 3 reasons you are doing your business.

    • This is often referred to as your why, if it’s not the 3 most compelling things in your life, find a quiet place and start over. this is critical to your success.

  • Properly start your business.

    • Create and use the 2 step method to create interest before answering a person’s first question. Play 1 and Play 2

      • Play 1 is an attention grabber. A good Play 1 should be an impactful 2 or 3 minute video.

      • Play 2 is after someone watches the first video, rather than answering any of their questions say,

        • “before I answer any questions, the best and simplest way to share the answers to your questions and some questions you might not have thought about I’d like one of our experts do that.” I’d like to share a video that I have found very helpful:

        • I’d like to bring you on to a webinar that the company expert does tonight:

        • I’d like to pick you up and introduce you to _______ Wednesday night he is the most knowledgeable expert that I know in this area.

          Develop the skill sets necessary to succeed.

          • Social media skills.

            • FaceBook

            • Twitter

            • LinkedIn

          • Learn a variety of local advertising methods

          • Attend local networking events and groups.

          • Learn the skill-set of asking great questions and become a master listener.

      • It’s a team effort built by leaders you have identified and developed on your team.

        • Every 7 figure income earner in network marketing has gotten there with leaders that have been developed on their team.

        • If a 6 figure income earner in network marketing has not gotten close to earning 7 figures, they should examine the leadership within their organization.

        • Remember This….. We Are In The Leadership Development Business!  The best way to make it in network marketing is with a team of leaders making it together!

      • Where am I going to seek

        • those ideal to work with,

        • find potential leaders,

        • find great prospects

          • to be my customers

          • find potential great partners.

        • How am I going to organize my day

          • stay on track

          • stay focused

          • Avoid being distracted.

As you see, it’s all about you and how you develop you and your business. It’s not about some slick marketing plan. It’s not about taking the formula out of some university marketing text book that has been taught since the 1970’s.

When you market correctly, it will come effortlessly because it comes from your heart and the heart of your business. Slick Marketing will not be necessary because the right people will come to you!

Over the last 3 years we have understood that there are a number of people (we call them 27%ers) in our industry that are hungry, starved, to find a way to walk down this pathway to their personal success. This is how we came up with a system called the 27%er Success System. We articulated what this system is all about in a short informative website called I invite you to go down this pathway to proven success!

George Madiou

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