You’re already doing it, just do it right!  If you are active in social media, you are networking. You have friends, you follow people, people follow you…how about a social media challenge.  Learn to use it to your advantage.  If you want to find success in using Social Media, there are certain things that you must do in order for that to happen.  I am not a pro at it; I do know there are people who have had great success.   But I am here to share what I can and what I do know works.

We have so much available, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter just to name a few.

Recently I have started using Instagram more and more, I am starting to see new followers come up daily to my account.  I post personal things; I have a passion for bible or sometimes called faith journaling, so I post photos connected to that.  People with similar interests will find my posts, if they find things interesting enough, they will follow.  I post photos that are seasonal or fun. I use hash tags; that’s a way for others find me.  Now that I have people following me, it’s easy to sneak in a post about a product, or an event to spark interest, not to be pushy. I want to see people engage, to like things, not to just scroll past.  One thing I do know about people, if you are focused on trying to sell them a product, they have a tendency to turn you off.

So here are some basic guidelines to follow.

they are in you.  Your job is to spark their interest in you.  Be positive and encouraging. Don’t post about what a horrible day it has been, about the rude person on line ahead of you, you don’t want to be seen as a negative person, you want to be viewed as positive and encouraging.  If someone posts a photo of a pet, baby or grandchild, like or love it, don’t rule out making a positive comment on it.  You want to be building relationships.  I have friends on FB whom I have “met” living in my country because of people I know across the globe.  It happened simply because of positive interactions with them on a mutual friends post.  Take it from there and make new friends, interact because you show an interest in their life.

 Your goal, ultimately, will be to find potential customers and business partners.  That will not happen if they unfriend you or if every other post you are trying to sell them something so they begin scrolling right past your posts.  Make positive and interesting posts, you want your personality to shine; you want them to like you.  Once you build relationships, you can send them personal messages.  I know that people have had success with that.  If they have posted something and you can help, send a private message.  Not on their wall or timeline, but person to person.

I will make a post or two weekly specific to my business.   I also will put up posts not directly related, but informative, indirectly related in some way.  Are you in a health and nutrition industry?  Why not post about a healthy meal or just an informative post indirectly related to what you do or your lifestyle?  As an example, you may find a poster on the impact sugar has on a person, or how much sugar is in certain products. Another thing I will do, if I find an informative article, I will share it.  By doing things like this, you are not pushing a product, but you are showing you have knowledge in an area; you are promoting your lifestyle in a way to show your knowledge or credibility.  I get people that will tell me they love my food posts, I put photos of healthy foods I make, or, post new recipes I love.  Then, when I do post about a product, it is not seen as just a sales pitch, but coming from someone who knows.

I love social media; it’s a great area for people to interact, to get their name out and to influence others. 

I know that there are people who have great success at it.  I recently was looking something up and came across a blog, by a 20 year old.  It was clear to me that she has a good business going for a young lady.  Clearly it is not a new avenue for the young, it is a whole new world for some of us who have been around for a while.

Are you good at writing?  Is there an area of interest for you to start a blog?  That’s another way to get an audience and gain followers.  Investigate possibilities available to you today.  The latest seems to be snap chat, which I know nothing about, but it appears the young people do!   I have seen and heard it said they are “hardly on Facebook anymore” because they are on Snap Chat, I’m not sure if I’m ready for that myself.

Remembering the song I used to sing as a child in Girl Scouts, “Make new friends, keep the old, one is silver and the other gold”.  I started this article mentioning a social media challenge, I have not forgotten it, here it is.   Make new friends, keep the old, network online, be social and be a positive social media influencer!  Use your social media as a tool; don’t let it be just a time waster.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Cindy Hannon

Cindy Hannon


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