Social Media: Asset or Liability by Roberto Torres

Social Media can be a great asset to building your Network Marketing business or it can be a great liability. 

The challenge that I’ve seen is that many think it is a magical tool that is to solely post about their company, their products and the compensation plan.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Social media is a way of meeting people. Just as you would meet people offline except it is done through your computer, tablet or smart phone.  The only difference is you are using a social platform to meet them like you would at your local grocery store of coffee shop.

With that said here is one major key to keep in mind.

“Do not do anything you would not do in public on social media.”

E.g. you would not just walk up to someone, say hello and start pitching them on your company or products in person?  That behavior would be considered odd.  The same behavior is considered odd online, in fact it is considered rude and spammy.  You do not want to brand yourself as that.

Imagine going to your local grocery store and sharing your income opportunity with the same cashier every time.  That person is going to start avoiding you and may even make a complaint that you are harassing them.  That is how you will appear online when you post about your company, its products and pay plan on your social media platform.  People will start to avoid you.  Not a good look for Network Marketing.

“Here are a few tips that will help you with your social media presence.”

Choose One

If you are new to social media choose one platform to start with.  The easiest and most popular one at this time would be Facebook.  It is easy to set up and start using. You can then learn other platforms and how they work once you have gotten familiar with Facebook.

Your Profile

Make your profile honest and interesting.  If you have a job and feel like stating what you do, share that.

“You don’t have to be some well known successful Network Marketer to use social media effectively.”

List whatever else applies to you on your profile.  Books, music, and movies you like. Where you attended High School or College. Different jobs you have had, etc.  Just be real, no need to embellish or get fancy.  Make yourself relate-able to everyday people.

Profile Picture

Post a nice picture of your face on your profile picture.  I know we all love our children, family and our pets. But, if you are doing business people want to know you.  You can post those other types of pictures in your photos section later. So pick a picture of your face that people can clearly see who you are and please do not be concerned about your looks.

Of course put up a picture where you are dressed decently and are groomed, but don’t make it too much about your looks. People want to deal with real everyday people.


You can post about your family, pets, kids, etc. People love to connect with others who are like minded. Engage your audience. E.g. if you have a child or maybe a pet that you want to share something cute they did that day, share it. You can ask your fellow Facebook friends about it.

Post questions on your timeline, like what foods do people like to eat while on vacation?  Also, ask questions for yourself, people will offer their advice and ideas to you.  Again, be real, be honest and make the post without an agenda of looking to get something out of someone, just simply engage.

Be sure to post three to four times throughout the day. Let’s say in the morning you can post a motivational quote. Then in the afternoon perhaps question your audience, mid-afternoon, pose a question your audience can answer for you or a recipe, and then in the evening maybe a picture with something great that went on with you or your family that day.  Like, little Johnny got an “A” on his book report. (Do they still do those in school?  lol)

Anyway, I believe you get the idea here about posting, keep it real and keep it real life.

“Just do not post anything negative, like ‘Oh my spouse is such an idiot…’

Negative posts and complaining will not attract people.”

Selling Your Products and Opportunity

Don’t do it!  Do not go onto your social media platform and start selling your program or products to people.  It is a turn off and considered spam.  It would be like going to a gathering of friends and family and you walk in through the door and start pitching your deal to everyone.  That would be a big no, no.

So, don’t do it.  Be casual; fit it into your lifestyle.  When someone ask about what you do or what has you looking so good or what is this coffee or skin cream you keep raving about. Then send them a private message and engage them in a conversion.  Build a relationship. See what they are looking for, why are they asking, then offer a solution.

Ask them if you send them some information, will they look at it.  Or if you can send them a sample, whatever your process is.  Then simply send them what you agreed to send and follow up with them.  Just like in regular everyday life. Remember use curiosity.

Provide Value

“Make sure your post provide value to those looking at your social media platform.” 

Look to share things that provide knowledge.  Share things that are funny (Not offensive jokes). Share personal stories that make people feel good or make them want to connect with you.

Like if you took the kids to the beach and had an amazing day.  Write about how you are happy you get to work from home, or how you are happy you can spend fewer hours at work to be with your family.  Remember to include a picture as an example if you went to the beach in this scenario.

Like Things

Be sure to like your friends post.  Make comments when appropriate on the things they post about.  Share their post if it is of interest to you and you feel it would also be of interest to your audience.  This gets you interacting with others and gives you an opportunity to engage with them through private message and build a relationship with them.

If the time is right, share with them about your income opportunity or products.

Be Consistent

For one, be sure to post consistently.  This will keep people engaged with you.  But, also be sure to post things that are consistent with who you are and what you do.

For example, this would look chaotic and would turn your audience off.  You make one post about how you love dogs, then another later about loving cats, then later one about rap music, then one later about country music.  Then later one about NASCAR, then one about boxing, then one about cooking, then one about collecting antique cars.  That’s all in one day.

The next day you post a whole bunch of stuff and another group of things.  People will see that you are just looking to get attention and that most likely you have an agenda.  Be consistent on your posting about the things in your life.  For example, I personally may post about martial arts because I practice and teach martial arts.

I may post about lifestyle and freedom because I like those things.  Sometimes I may post about traveling because I have traveled quite a bit and I enjoy it.  But, you never see me post about NASCAR.  I have nothing against it; I am just not involved in that.

“Remember be attractive and I am not referencing looks here.  I am referencing to be interesting to people and be interested in people. “

If you follow the tips I have given you here you will make social media an asset to your business rather than a liability.  Here’s to your success on and off of social media.


Social Media – Roberto Torres



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