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I do have to admit, when I got the memo that this month’s focus was social media, I absolutely was ecstatic. Not only because it has made my wife and I hundreds of thousands of dollars, or the fact that we’re both millennials but more importantly, we are living in the age of social media at its prime. If you’re not using social media for your brand building, you will soon find out, if you have not already, that you’re left behind.

“I’m not Mark Zuckerberg, but I’m making a whole lot of money from his company”  Ali Mehdaoui

Let me put this in perspective for you! While you make one phone call, set up an appointment, drive to meet one prospect with the hope to close business, I would’ve already spoken to thousands, private messaged hundreds & closed many business deals. All of this from the comfort of my own home on my cellphone. Do you get the picture yet?

Facebook has over 4.5 billion users, 2 billion of them active daily and you’re not doing live videos?? Instagram went from 0 to 1 billion users in two years! Every multi billion dollars’ company is using social media more than ever… did I make my point yet? I’m not claiming to be a social media guru and no one is, as it changes by the second!

Everyday has a different trending hashtag, every week has a different trending topic, every month brings new filters and updates that eliminates whatever you thought you’ve figured out from the attraction magnet of a social media.

Let me even triple down on the importance of social media! The Arab Spring, which led to a whole race to revolt against its own governments, has started with social media! Multimillion dollars’ talent was created from a 30 second video & even the president of the U.S has built his political following to the highest office in the land with twitter!

Now it is your turn, if you don’t know where to begin, I’d recommend you reach out to the most active person in your newsfeed or even reach out to us and we’ll help you get “your show started”. Yes, I said a “your show”! You see, social media gives you and I the opportunity to have our own created segments, shows or programs in different platforms, or as they call them in the TV world: other networks!

The only difference is, they’re social networks that cost you $0 to build a brand in!

Are you excited yet? You should be. My wife and I have a whole operation and production system that goes into every program we have. We produce a live online show every Tuesday night on our Facebook business page, simultaneously on periscope & twitter, Instagram live and YouTube live! We average 1000 to 2000 viewers every week! We have our online podcast on our SoundCloud account, we have our blog on WordPress, our many funnels & capture pages that float all over the internet. Obviously we also cater to the audience of the hardest, yet the best platform for business and qualify prospects and business minded people, LinkedIn.

As amazing as social media is for business, it can also cost you major losses. What I mean is, there is no room for making the wrong moves and everything is public and permanent. Your thoughts, opinions & views can attract or repulse & for many of you out there it’s a scary view. What you need to understand is embedded right in the title “Social”!

“Most people in the network marketing profession are using social media as a selling platform and that is a huge mistake and a turn off to their friends and followers!”

Think of yourself when you go into your Facebook newsfeed: are you looking for what to buy? No, you’re looking for what’s interesting in your friends’ lives, who’s doing or sharing things that could be cool or exciting!

Imagine if Facebook was an infomercial space would you spend as much time as you do? I guarantee you, you’ll delete your app from your phone! So, don’t make your audience delete you from their networks! What am I to do you may ask? Give value, and document it! In 2016, we made over $150,000 from social media alone, however you will not find one single article, photo or video where we sell anything! As a matter of a fact, we give 98% of our documents and content at no cost, that’s right $0! To the masses it’s a gift, to the hopeful coaches and soon to be paid trainers it’s a painful revelation but I’m here to tell you, that the secret to our social media success is that we out-teach, out-give and out-do everyone when it comes to giving value. If you live on abundance your life will be blessed with much more than you can dream of. So don’t hold back, not just in a business sense, but your overall life lessons.

We create the most engagement from non-business videos, personal snippets of our lives and unforgettable life moments such as our baby gender reveal video that has gotten over 4000 organic views in two days. All those views, likes, comments and shares turned into private messenger conversations and essentially prospecting opportunities. Just keep in mind, I do not sell on social media, I build relationships and make them strong! I allow the masses into my life as if it was a reality show, and many of them ask me: “how do you make money?” Bingo! That’s called attraction. Post, share & go live on video and allow people to know and trust you and they’ll come to you for who you are and what you stand for, not the product you sell.

“In network marketing influence is the golden key to all doors of opportunity & growth.”


So how can you use social media for influence? First, how do you get influence in general? In my humble opinion: only through documenting your true self with integrity and consistency. I’ll let you guess what live videos do? You guessed it right, document you in real time, with your mishaps and flaws, raw emotions and vulnerable moments. Doing them daily will build your credibility and doing them consistently not only will build a following but also your influence. So, what’s stopping you? I get the public speaking fear part, but you’re in your own bedroom or living room talking to your phone by yourself! Most of our private coaching clients always tell us they don’t know what to talk about, and the crazy thing is, that is the beauty of documenting, you don’t have to have something to talk about! Just share what’s in your mind, what you’ve learned in previous events or life circumstances. You don’t have to be an expert, you just must be real, genuine & honest. If you’re scared, start your video by telling your audience: “hey guys, I must be honest, this is my first time & I’m scared to death…”

I love social media for what it has done for our business, but I’m excited for what it’s doing in the business space and life in general. We, the millennials, are going to be the future billionaires, world changers and world leaders. We will achieve incredible thresholds and life achievements in our early parts of our lives! Social media is the world’s biggest family, it unites us all, connects us and teaches us about one another so I know, in network marketing specially, the business world will be the new traditional form of income because of it.


Ali Mehdaoui “Change Starts With M.E.”

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Social Media by ALi Mehdaoui


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