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Facebook ~ what would we do if we couldn’t post our “Selfies” for the entire world to see these days!  Even our grandmothers are on these sites!   

There is still such a wide range of opinions regarding what Social Media means and how it should be used.  I still chuckle at my earlier opinions and experiences when learning how to socialize professionally on social media.

Depending on your motive for Social Media interactions, it really boils down to one common Goal:

Connecting Socially Online.”

Does the term “SocialPreneur” sound fitting for what you are trying to accomplish online?  I speak to people everyday regarding building a positive influence on Social Media. I must admit that I did not jump on the Social Media scene when it was first introduced back in the early 2000’s either!  That all changed though when I discovered the world of “Network Marketing”. I began to follow Personal Development trainers online and it was then that I began to realize the value of creating a circle of influential Like-Minds through social media.

What is it that you are looking for online?  (Socializing, Business, Learning or all three.)  In order to know whom you should look for to connect with, you must FIRST determine what your own mindset is.  Are you an introvert or extrovert? Are you an optimist or pessimist? Do you enjoy political discussions or do you prefer to keep the personal preferences in politics and faith out of discussion?  Once the above has been determined, what do you like most about yourself and what would you like to change or improve?

“Social Media is where you can literally choose your friends!”

If you are at a point of improving your Mindset and Lifestyle, then connect with positive high-energy people that only share positive messages that would inspire you to be a better person.  If you are not sure, then simply find your comfort zone and begin your friend- seeking journey slowly and cautiously.

Are you are looking for a date? There’s a site for you.

A job? There are job sites like LinkedIn, which was also one of the FIRST social media platforms out there.  LinkedIn is only getting bigger and stronger as they are pushing into their 3rd decade.

If you seek friends, past and new, Facebook is the place to start for that…

How are you spending your time on these sites?  Do you find that you are spending more time in cyber space than in the real world?  Do you connect with people in far off lands and become emotionally attached?  If the answer to the last two questions are yes, it is important to ask yourself why?

I had to ask myself the above questions too!

“I went from a “FACEBOOK snob” to an extroverted online social butterfly.”

I became so addicted to the online Personal Development trainings that I actually believed my Personal Development trainers online were my personal friends.  I followed their suggestions to connect with more people online wholeheartedly.  I jumped on every site that I thought would be a good site to connect with other Like-Minded Entrepreneurs.  What I failed to discern, however, was that I had entered into several dating sites as I was looking for that next business prospect.  I did not take into account that I was working with many different cultures around the world that are not receptive to female entrepreneurs.  I soon realized that many were only interested in what they thought my “online profession” was.  Awkwardly enough, I became enlightened to the misconceptions of my presence and business motives.

“As in Life, there is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Social Media.”

THE GOOD ~ If you are beginning an entrepreneurial journey and are seeking business connections, Social Media has become a professional way to attract other professionals who have similar interests and backgrounds.  Keep in mind that not everyone wants to build an empire online; however, those who utilize the various platforms available to connect with other business professionals can develop lasting business relationships that build on each experience.   If you are looking for Business Connections and are having an interactive chats online; a personal interview can be effectively accomplished with the help of Google at your fingertips.   You can see what they promote, share and say online to determine if they are a good fit for your purpose in business.  You basically are interviewing the person via chats and can “Google” their activity within all social media platforms within minutes.  For me, Social Media has become a Mecca for meeting other visionaries who live to inspire others.  It is like my daily dose of positive energy to keep me focused and motivated.  I appreciate the empowerment of deciding who can be inside my social circles and whom I choose to work with professionally.

THE BAD ~ If you are trying to remain professionally focused and are using Social Media as a tool; you should keep in mind that family and business is a BAD combination for growth. It does not matter how young, old or emotionally mature you think that you might be; mixing family and business is often not wise.  I have made it a practice to tune into what my personal intentions are everyday with meditation before I begin my mornings with online communications.

THE UGLY ~ If you are growing a business and are thinking of using Social media to help build a Brand, it becomes crucial to evaluate your life first and determine if your past will cause a prospective client, partner or investor to pass judgment before even getting a chance to meet you in person.  The Internet can also be your worst enemy if you do not strategically work at repairing any bad karma that might be lurking.  What you do or did online does not go away. Be careful about what you say and how you behave on any interactive sites.  It is very easy to avoid negative people online but obviously not as simple to do so in daily social interactions, such as, with negative neighbors or friends.

For this reason, it is best to maintain a high standard of Positive Energy both online and in your daily activity so that you are respected in both worlds.  Cyber bullying does not only happen with teenagers, your online business connections can find it very satisfying to say and do things that they would not normally do or say in person if they are made to feel that you did not serve them respectfully.

So what is your opinion of Social Media? 

If you have read my article to this point, chances are we might enjoy sharing with each other on other sites as well.  Please feel free to find me on the social media sites listed below.

Synergistically, Jnet

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