Social Media is Where Will You Find Your Ideal Audience by Stacey Hall

How will you know where to find your “Ideal Audience” on social media?

Are they more likely to be on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Lemon 8, or reading the blogs of Influencers?

You might say to me… “Stacey, I don’t know where they are.”
and I will respond… “Yes, you do!”

How do I know you know? 

Because your Ideal Audience is just like you!  When you were looking for answers, where did you go to find them? 

If you were still in pain, where would you go online to get ideas for solutions?

If you still had digestive issues, where would you go online to get ideas on how to tame your tummy?

If you still had bad credit, where would you go online to get ideas for how to get out of debt?

If you are a knitter, where would you go online to get knitting tips?

If you are a grandparent, where would you go online to talk with other grandparents?

If you want fashion tips, where would you go online to get style ideas?

If you want information about ways to cut costs and expenses in your business, where would you online to get suggestions?

It’s just that simple.

Maybe you would watch YouTube videos or use Google to find articles.

Or maybe you would join a Facebook or LinkedIn group.

Or maybe you would scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, or Lemon8.

Where you would go is where your ideal audience is likely to go.

Wherever you spend the most time when you are on social media, that is where your audience is spending their time.

Now, you might be asking me, “But how do I start conversations with these people without being pushy and spammy?”

And this is how I would answer:

Be sure you are commenting on posts and reels that your audience is also commenting on.  Then ‘like’ and comment on their comments. That is how you will meet like-minded and like-hearted new friends.

Because those new friends have a lot of the same problems you had or are still attempting to solve.

One mistake that many salespeople make is they attempt to make friends across numerous sites at the same time.  99% of marketers just spam their links everywhere, provide no value to their prospect, solve no problems….and then wonder why nobody is buying what they are selling. 

That’s like trying to attend 5 different networking meetings spread out across town in the space of two hours to meet as many different people as possible as fast as possible.

That approach does not work if you want to people to know you, like you, and trust you.

This is why it is so important to choose ONE platform first and get known for hanging out there. 

Become familiar to the others in the group or the others following the same Influencer.  As they see you participating where they are comfortable spending their time, they will feel comfortable with you – they will consider you inside of their comfort zone – and you will have shortened the length of time required to build trust and make an offer leading to a sale.

Once you have established yourself on one platform, then you can begin to slowly expand to other platforms if that is also where your audience is hanging out.

Always remember, your goal is to:

BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE – as you meet people who match your “Ideal Audience” profile, you can send them friend requests and messages to build a relationship with each one. This is how they come to KNOW YOU.

ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE – as they read your posts and watch your videos focused on providing the solutions to their problems, they will begin to respond to your messages. This is how they get to LIKE YOU and become comfortable with you.

SELL TO YOUR AUDIENCE – as they build TRUST IN YOU, they will say YES to what you offer!

And BINGO! You are now reaping the benefits of social media marketing!


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