THREE (3) FEATURES THAT MAKE SOCIAL NETWORKS IDEAL FOR RECRUITING NEW REPS & ENROLLING MORE CUSTOMERS without the cost of building funnels, paying for traffic, or buying leads.

There are 3 features that make social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook ideal for prospecting and recruiting. Even more importantly, using them doesn’t carry the negative drawbacks of the time and expense that come with building funnels, paying for traffic, or buying leads.

1. THE PROFILE of each user contains enough information about someone to help you identify a perfect prospect for your business before you ever make contact. When your profile is completed correctly, it can position you as an expert in any niche market and as the person your prospect would like to know.

2. A SEARCH FEATURE that allows you to filter through their membership using “Key Words” and “Advanced Searches”. That way you can find and then connect with perfect prospects for your business. When their demographics exactly match the criteria for your ideal person, prospecting and recruiting becomes easy.

3. A TEXTING FEATURE that enables you to communicate directly and privately with other people on the network and share videos, gifs (moving images), photos, and files.

Unlike some of the other social networks, LinkedIn and Facebook have all 3 of these useful and highly important features.

That is what makes them the best social networks to use for building your business because they give you easier direct access to the biggest number of people.

Here’s an important note. At this moment, LinkedIn is 100X BETTER than Facebook!

That’s because LinkedIn’s membership is primarily there to do business. LinkedIn makes it easier to find the people who have what it takes to be successful in your business, connect with them, show them what you offer, and enroll them.


Here is the powerful combination of 4 simple steps that will enable you to crack the code of any social network, so that you can build a large, successful business.

This 4 Step System is included inside my training manual “CRACKING THE SOCIAL NETWORKING CODE” (Which you can download as part of the Endless Free Leads training course, included for free, with your membership to TNMM)

1. CREATE a personal profile that helps to attract the right people to you.

2. CONNECT with the people who would be most interested in your business based on their profiles and posts.

3. COMMUNICATE with those people via text to qualify them as serious prospects.

4. CLOSE the best prospects who need and want what you’re selling.

The key to closing more sales on any social network is to realize that only a certain percentage of the people on them will be predisposed, eager, and willing to talk to you, buy your products, or get into business with you.

You must find and focus on those people.

By paying close attention to the content on their profile page, their posts, and daily activity, will make it easier to communicate with them so that you can develop a relationship. This gives you the ability to know in advance who will be the most receptive to what you offer.

Whether its online or offline, people do business with those that they know, like and trust. You can qualify anyone as a prospect during a casual conversation when you follow the prospecting and recruiting scripts that I’ve developed over the years. (My Scripts Book is also available for download as part of the free course that’s included with your membership to TNMM)

Instead of wasting time reaching out to a bunch of people who will NEVER buy your product or get into business with you, there are simple ways to find perfect, highly qualified prospects and attract those people on LinkedIn and Facebook who WANT to buy your products or get into business with you.

It’s important that you learn these techniques now before your best prospects are contacted by your competitors and buy from them instead…

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