So do you have a plan B, C or even D? by Bill Holderby

bill-holderbyWhen things are not working well, i.e. economy, gas prices, wages, jobs etc… that is when we, as network marketers, are in the best position. We alone can offer people a way out of their financial pressures. Tough times remind us to have a plan B, or C, or even D. There is a lot of talk right now about the economy and how it has people nervous. Let’s face it, if you invested in real estate you are probably black and blue and no longer answer your phone. If you have money invested in the stock market, you probably have turned off the stock ticker on your computer and turned off the financial news that reports every day on these big swings in the market. Or maybe you are feeling the impact directly or indirectly from the mortgage meltdown crisis that our nation has to deal with. Maybe you are in shock over the price of gasoline and now when you fill up those big SUVs you see yourself getting closer to a 3 digit (before the dot) price for filling that baby up. NULL The truth is, it is never as bad as the media tells us. They do these stories in ways to sensationalize them and sell more newspaper, magazines, advertising or whatever. However what does happen is that enough people begin to believe it and then all of sudden you have millions of people walking around in a panic mode wondering when the sky will fall. This time though I believe it is a lot tougher then before. We have many forces acting on us both financially and mentally and emotionally. This is the time to be involved in network marketing. This is when having a sideline business, a part time business, a business that could be making you as little as a couple of hundred dollars a month extra on up to the thousands of dollars a month that can be made would be a very good thing to have. Most families could take tremendous pressure off of themselves with as little as $500 a month extra. So the next time you are talking to someone, maybe just ask them if an extra $500 a month would be of help to them. And while you’re at it, ask them how many others they know that could get excited about an extra $500 a month. If you can get a small group of people to get excited about $500 a month and they feel they could get others… wait and see what happens when they realize they could be making a whole lot more.

The important thing to realize is that when the economy gets bad (whether actual or perceived) recruiting in network marketing gets easier.

When people are happy with everything there is no external pressure of them to do something different. But when things are not working well, i.e. economy, gas prices, wages, jobs etc… That is when we as network marketers are in the best position. We alone can offer these people a way out of their financial pressures. Granted they will have to put time and work and effort into it, but then what are their options…give up the cable TV and high Speed internet or driving? I don’t think so! So you see…this is the time.


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