So is it Luck? by Paula Pritchard

Paula PritchardSo, is it luck? Not in one million years. What it is though… is all within reach because it is all within you. Could anyone in network marketing actually be successful based on luck? It is hard for me to believe that anyone would think success in this business is luck. I guess you could luck out and sponsor some real big hitter-to-be, since it is not likely you would luck out and sponsor someone who already was a big hitter. As for success, most compensation plans require more than one line to make a successful business.  NULL

I personally don’t believe in luck but I do believe in the Law of Reciprocity which basically says, you get back what you put in.

The more you give the more you get. The important thing is that you need to have faith and recognize that the get does not always come back from the same place you gave. I have worked tirelessly with a group only to have that group collapse. And then out of nowhere, I have had a group come on board and go right to the top with little or no help at all. Now most might think that is luck, but those who really get it, realize it has nothing to do with luck.

It is all the result of the hard work in the areas of no return.

I also believe in the Law of Averages since it obviously applies to everything we do. In every business there’s going to be people who say yes and there’s going to be people who say no, whether it is real estate, direct sales or retail businesses. So in network marketing, it is simple math. The more you show the business to, the more that say yes and the more that say no.

So in actuality, success is in the show.

Considering that all this is true, it only makes sense that from a simple math conclusion, the more you invite to see the business, the more you have to show. Basically, in order to have enough people to show, you have to be good at the invitation to see the business. This is where one should perfect their skills.

This is where the top of the top are genius. They master the invitation.

Usually the thing that sabotages those striving to be at the top is either lack of knowing this important secret or the inability to control their emotions. I learned early that success is an inside job first. Getting a strong hold on the emotions is imperative. This is where many network marketers fall down. If you lack self-confidence, belief or a good self-image, you will not be very good at issuing the invitation. Working on your self-image, confidence and belief is critical.

Once you have done that, there are two things that I believe will take you the distance; discipline and courage.

Discipline to doing, day in and day out, what is necessary to succeed and you need the courage to keep on keeping on the through rejection, disappointment and frustration. The courage to persist when you want to quit. The courage to pull yourself up by the bootstraps when there’s no one to do it for you. The courage to persevere when it would be easier to give in to a normal eight to five job. The courage to pursue your own dreams rather than surrender to building someone else’s dreams. So in the process of this courageous journey, is it luck if somewhere along the way you trip over a star who takes it to the top without your help? I think not. To me it is payback because of your conviction to stay the course when others fell by the wayside. Without the Law of Reciprocity and all the hard work, your chances of building based on luck are barely better than the lottery. Success takes guts. It also takes blind faith. It’s staying the course when so many times you want to quit.

Network marketing is simple but it’s not easy.

Sometimes it shakes you to your very core. If you haven’t wanted to quit a half a dozen times, you are not working hard enough. But understand and make no mistake, the thing that can win it for you or sabotage you in your tracks is on the inside. If you can conquer yourself on the inside, it is the greatest victory of all. That in it self will make you “master of you”, which in turn will make you all powerful. There will be nothing you can not do. So, is it luck? Not in one million years. What it is though… is all within reach because it is all within you.


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