Some of the Things That Leaders Know that You Don’t [Yet] by DORINA LANZA

Great leaders know that you don’t treat everyone equally. In groups led by such leaders, you’ll see that they don’t treat everybody the same way. But they do treat everybody fairly. Leaders know that fairness and sameness are not the same things.

Fairness means that people get exactly what they need and have earned based on past performance – no more, no less. This means that group members who have stepped up to the plate will be rewarded with more time and attention from their leader. The ones that don’t will receive less attention, as they should.

People that step up will also be rewarded with more responsibility and recognition within the group [e.g. leading the business presentation calls, doing part of the live training, getting recognized at a conference, being featured in the corporate publication]. And as they progress as leaders, their group influence will expand, both upline and downline.

People Must Be Held Accountable

Effective leaders hold others accountable for their results. They care enough to challenge group members who are off track, slacking, or otherwise not doing the things that will allow them to be successful in business. It will help their people get back on track so they can accomplish their stated goals. This is true even when you are dealing with a “volunteer army” such as we are in the network marketing industry.

Leaders know that holding people accountable is nothing to apologize for. If leaders sugarcoat, trivialize, or marginalize clear issues for fear of offending their people, all they do is to allow their people to remain deluded, living in limbo, and not on their way to success – THAT is something to apologize for. Many leaders in this industry call this approach “tough love”.

People Choose Their Own Results

Great leaders must teach their people that when they choose a behavior they choose the consequences for that behavior.  In other words, when a group member chooses not to prospect daily, follow up with their potential business partners, work on their personal development, etc. They choose the pathetic paycheck with which they will be rewarded for that behavior.  No one did it to them – they did it to themselves. They are not victims.

So, where do you see yourself in all this? I hope this shed some light for you.

Onward and Upward!

Dorina Lanza
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