Some questions that you can use to create instant prospects. By Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Some questions that you can use to create instant prospects.

* How many pounds overweight should you be at age 50?
* How much should you be paying monthly for your mobile phone?
* To be paid fairly, how much should you be paid per hour?
* How many weeks of vacation do you need each year?
* If you were your own boss, would you change anything?
* Would you like luxurious eyelashes without pasting them on?
* How much an hour should lawyers charge?
* Wrinkles happen. What age should they start?

Coffee machine chatter.

While enjoying a coffee break with your friends, simply insert this into the conversation:
“I see my kids for one hour a day. Thank goodness for weekends when I can spend some quality time with them.”And wait for the conversation to begin

The prospect who asked too many questions.

Green personalities (accountants, engineers, computer nerds) love information and data. They can drive you crazy with endless questions. Plus, you can waste hours and hours of time with green prospects who never take action.

My best opening question to a green personality prospect is:

“Are you looking to start a business now, or are you still in the information-collecting stage?”

Talking to someone who isn’t ready to join … that’s a hard problem to fix.

This question quickly puts you and your time in front of qualified, ready-to-join prospects.

Want another way to handle these information collectors?

Many questions are simply uneasiness about the prospect’s future success. Rather than answer unending questions, consider this approach. Most of the more trivial questions could be answered with:

“That is covered in training. But the real question is, ‘Do you want to join our business now so that we can get you enrolled in training right away?'”

Three closing questions that will thrill your prospects.

Your prospects enjoy being treated like adults. They hate manipulation or tricky closing questions such as:

​​​​Don’t you love your family?

  • Any three-year-old can see this is a great opportunity, do you have any problems with it?

  • Are you a decision-maker or a loser?

Yes, these are pretty rude closing statements, so why not try:

  • So, what do you think?

  • And that’s it.

  • And the rest is up to you.

These are very low-key, non-threatening closing statements. You’re telling the prospects that you respect them as adults, and that they are capable of making their own decisions based on the information you have given them.

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