Sorting: Will it be Apples, Oranges or Radishes, Choose Wisely by David Dunworth

David Dunworth

Network marketing, social marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Sales; regardless of what you call it, it is all about sorting.

This business is all about making sure you are working with a company that has great products or services, a fair and competitive compensation plan, and something of which you have a passion. Otherwise, it’s just another job. So, if you are just getting started, before you sign on the line, it’s wise to consider all the ramifications.

Prospecting is perhaps the greatest time-suck there is when it comes to direct sales.

There’s a lot of sorting that goes on, like in the market. If you are shopping for oranges, make sure you know what an orange is. Don’t come home with a radish, when you had your mindset on sweet, juicy fruit. You’ll surely be disappointed. I’m personally a fan of learning. I’m also dedicated to multiple streams of income. One of the streams of mine has to do with network marketing. I really love the digital products I’m able to offer because within it there is a vast library of financial literacy videos, podcasts, and more.

Another thing is for every dollar sold; equal value is banked in travel credits. It took me years to find an organization that had strong ethics (ever worked with a firm that changed the comp plan more than once?) and great products. Not only that, but making money, saving money, and making a difference is exactly the right combination for my belief system.

Finding people that can get excited and stay excited about my offerings takes time and effort. You’d think it would be easy, but there are so many people that have suffered bad experiences with MLM, or whatever you wish to call what we do. That’s why I sometimes feel time slips away all too quickly.

Who doesn’t like saving money? Everyone is in the position of needing to make more money, so you’d think this would be a slam dunk. Whatever your product or service offering is the same type of mindset.

If that were the case, we’d only have to put up a sign and take the money. But it doesn’t work that way. Sorting, sorting, sorting. That’s the process. Find those that are actively seeking an opportunity and match values against yours. If it’s soap, makeup, legal aid, vitamins, or education and travel, there are people out there looking for an opportunity that matches their goals and aspirations.

Will it be orange, apple, or radish? That’s the question.

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