Spring Into Spring! by Beth Jones-Schall

Beth Jones-SchallFocus on the positive, productive steps you can take daily and spring into spring! Yes, spring is just around the corner – even if it doesn’t look like it outside your window! It is time to shake off winter and get busy with positive, productive actions for spring.

If you wait on business to knock on your door or to call you on the phone, you will spend a lonely spring while all around you is blooming. Get busy, get productive, get happy with the springtime ideas!

1. Participate in exposure events – it is the season to get out of the house and meet people at craft shows, fairs, festivals that abound in the spring. Check your local community websites for events in your area and plan to participate in as many as you can! Great new business awaits! NULL

2. Host your own show – pick a fun springtime theme and invite those you haven’t seen since last fall or last year! Freshen up your display, polish up your presentation and treat your customers, hostesses, friends to a fun girls’ night out. Great sales and bookings await! 3. Make check-in calls – contact your hostesses and customers to check in with them. Remind them of upcoming events/needs this spring where your products could be useful – Easter, Mothers Day, proms, bridal showers, Secretaries Day, year-end teachers gifts, etc. You can service your customers and produce great sales by just smiling and dialing every day! 4. Think outside the box – offer to hold a show at your hair salon, spa, fitness center, coffee shop, tea house, etc. Network with your friends for their ideas/contacts they can refer to you. 5. Contact charities/fund raisers – make a list of your favorite charities/fund raisers and contact each to offer to do a show and provide a percentage of your commission for their organization. The bigger the show, the bigger the donation so work for good attendance and sales. Also, offer to continue to give a percentage for all bookings held within 3 months. Wow – there’s so much to do with just these few ideas, you better get busy! It is spring time – renewal time in everyone’s life as the weather gets a bit warmer and spirits perk up!

Focus on the positive, productive steps you can take daily and spring into spring!

To learn more about the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance, meet the founders! http://www.cms.dswa.org/node/184


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