Starting and Promoting Your Network Marketing Business by Denis Waitley

Denis WaitleyHow do you plan to grow your business? Who do you plan to share the good news with? You’ve joined a network marketing company so you now are in business for yourself. Joining is actually the first step. Next ask yourself why you are doing this. What was the reason you decided to get involved in the industry? Take some time to think about that. It may be you are sick of your job. It may be you have a dream and need more money to make that dream come true. What do you hope to accomplish by building a business? Take some time to understand your own personal reasons. Write down those reasons, so you can remind yourself from time to time. Now what? How do you plan to grow your business? Who do you plan to share the good news with?

You do have to talk to people and let them know that you’re in business. No business will grow on it’s own. You must plant seeds and get the word out.

 NULL If you’re new to this, you may be wondering where to start? In the beginning, be prepared to work for the first year or two, and give yourself time to learn. Don’t expect to be rich in your first month. This is a get rich slow process. Who do you know that can use the product or service you’ve decided to market? Write down names as they come to mind. These can be people you may not think will join and that’s ok. Since you think they won’t join, you can practice on them. Some will surprise you and join, others will say no. Either way don’t attach yourself to the outcome as in the big picture of things, it’s not important.

It’s your job to share and show. It’s NOT your job to sell or convince.

If you have to drag someone into your business, you’ll wear yourself out! If they don’t see it on their own, chances are they won’t do anything anyway. A certain percentage will join no matter what you say and other’s wouldn’t join under any circumstance. You do want to let everyone know that you are in business. Ask them who they know that can use your product or service. Don’t be afraid to share with people. I’ve had people tell me they didn’t want to tell friends or family, however, if you believe in your product and yourself, why would you not want to tell them? That does not mean they will join you. Chances are they may not, but you do want to let them know. After all, when you’re doing well you don’t want them to come back and accuse you of leaving them behind. I know many people get into network marketing and think they can be a secret agent. They want to find strangers online and tell them. While that is possible, it is NOT something that will just happen. If you plan to go that way, then you better plan to work at least 1-2 years, building a pipeline of people that you build relationships with, online or offline. Your warm market is really best to begin with. I know I’ve built a pretty decent business online, however, it was over time, and building relationships. You don’t want to go online and pitch everyone you meet. You have to take time to build relationships so your cold market (those you don’t know today) turns into your warm market as well. A stranger today is someone you’ve not yet met, but a month or two down the road, when you’ve formed a relationship, they may become a warm market contact.

Take my advice, start with your present warm market even if you don’t want to.

If you you believe in the product you’re marketing, why would you not want to tell those you know and love and care about? I think it’s probably because you don’t yet believe in yourself. Work on that. Take time to read some good positive personal development books. Listen to some audio cd’s. When you’re driving to your JOB, put them in the car and learn as you drive. That’s a lot better than listening to the negative news. Many times people are scared to make those first few calls. Take a deep breath and do it anyway. No one I know has ever jumped out of the phone and grabbed me. Most people are very nice. Ask your sponsor to call with you for the first couple of calls you make. When I started in business, the first thing I did was let everyone know. Many will say no, and that’s ok. There is no one in the world that gets a 100% response so expect some no’s along the way. When you are out and about, you will meet people. People are everywhere. Learn to listen and look for those that may indicate they are looking for added income.

You never know who your next prospect will be. I look for opportunity wherever I am.

Remember I’m SORTING, I’m not selling. Therefore, anyone that comes to my home to work or service anything, leaves with information on how they can create another income. I talk to people wherever I go, to sort through and find out if they are motivated to make a change.

You’re looking for positive motivated people. You’re not looking for those not willing to help themselves. So learn to sort.

If you plan to work online, brand yourself. Create your identity and use it no matter where you go online, forums, communities, Facebook, twitter, or any social media. Get a logo and use it! If you have the same screen name and logo, day after day, year after year, people will recognize you. When I was brand new to the internet, it was a challenge. I knew nothing about anything. Back then they had USENET groups which were something like message boards today. I met a few people online by asking questions. The first thing they told me was that I needed a screen name. I didn’t even know what a screen name was! They explained it’s a name you use online, so people get to know you. I tried to think about the MLM business I planned to build. I thought I should pick a name with mlm in it. Needless to say, every sane thing I thought of was taken. Finally I thought what about me, I’m Blonde. So I tried the name mlmblonde and it was not taken! I took it and have used it ever since.

I had no idea at the time that I was “Branding” it but it became my brand. If you plan on building online or offline, that is something to think about. Pick a brand and stay consistent with it so over time you’ll be recognized.

I also learned if you are building an mlm company, it’s best if you market yourself first. Use your brand NOT theirs. Many companies have rules against using their name or logo, and if they don’t have rules, chances are they are brand new. Nothing wrong with being brand new, however, sometimes things happen and they don’t make it for the long haul. If you market using their brand, and they go out of business, you would have to start from scratch. If you brand yourself, you can still use your screen name and brand no matter what happens. You can share a business from home easily. With the technology today, it’s easy to pick up the phone and call someone. Set an appointment with them. While I know many like to run around and network, I’ve found it works just as well by picking up the phone and sharing. I don’t have to drive all over to do that. I can also use the internet to show them anything I want. Technology today lets you actually do video calls, Skype people, and talk online or by phone.

The only thing that will stop you from growing a business is YOU. Action is the key and critical to your success. Cleaning your office, or reading the manual will get you no where. Do those things in your spare time.

Get started and don’t let anyone or anything stop you from reaching your dreams. Take action. I don’t remember who said this but I once read. “Action will take you out of doubt and doubt will take you out of action.” Just get started, and never quit. You’ll make mistakes but you can learn more from mistakes than anything. Take action and be there 5 years from now and you’ll be glad you did.


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