Steps to Persuasively Influencing Others in Network Marketing by Dr. Joe Rubino

Joe_RubinoYou possess the personal power to be able to both persuade and lead others. Master this art and your business will explode as you lead others in the direction that will bring about their success.  Your success in network marketing will result from your ability to impact others, guiding them with integrity to take those actions that will contribute to their success. The following sequence can be utilized to guide most any conversation in order to most persuasively influence others.

Adhering to these principles will typically create an opening to be heard so that you might impact a desired result.

These areas can be touched upon with the intention of developing a bond with your prospect or new distributor, supporting mutuality and fowarding the action to the mutual benefit of all involved. Whether it might be to conduct a successful network marketing presentation, to create the foundation for a solid business relationship, or to enhance communication with others, the principles still apply to a greater or lesser degree. First – Create an opening to be heard: Develop rapport and establish trust and mutuality NULL
The key to developing rapport with others is to speak authentically about any of several areas that might be of interest to the other person. Some of these areas might include their family, where they live, their occupation or their hobbies or passions. Getting to know the person to discover with sincerity what it is like in their world is the first step to understanding their needs and wants while listening for how you might contribute something of value to them. You might open up this conversation by simply saying something like, “tell me a little bit about yourself” Once you understand something about what the other person’s life is like and what he or she values, you can then look to establish mutuality. That is, what do you have in common that would support all parties involved?

Establishing rapport and creating an opening to explore mutual benefit is the first step toward creating a level of trust. This foundation of trust creates an opening to be heard and sets the stage to take the conversation to the next level.

Next – get their permission to actually find out what is important to them or missing in their life. The courtesy of asking for their permission to look with them to explore possibilities will create the opening to turn what might have been perceived as an invasion of their privacy into a welcomed mutual conversation for possibilities. You can not possibly know how you might influence someone if you are unaware of what they hold to be of value. Speak your desire to look with them to see how you might uncover something of benefit to them with respect to your opportunity. Let them know that the reason for your request to get to know them better is to see if and where there may be a fit for them with you and your company. If you are meeting a new potential business associate, it could be to explore if your company represents the type of opportunity that the person is seeking. If you are speaking with a new acquaintance, it might be to explore what common interests you share. Letting people know the source of your request to get to know them better will put them at ease and allow them to hear your commitment to them or to the conversation. Speak your commitment to them in some way. For an opening to be created to influence another, it is helpful for them to know that you share a commitment to supporting them in some way. At the very least, share your interest in exploring the process to see if together you might uncover some mutual benefit. You might speak your commitment as, “My intention is to look with you to see if there might be some mutual interest or benefit that could come from exploring the possibilities of joining our company. My commitment is to support your efforts in any way that I can.” You might offer a further commitment that should they decide to partner with you to build their business, your commitment will be to train them, do 3-way presentations and offer support to the best of your ability. Create rich possibilities that inspire others to action. People will be enrolled in whatever it is you have to offer if you are successful in creating significant enough value for them to want to look further. If people are not interested in exploring possibilities with you, take the perspective that you have not created possibilities that are rich enough for them. Take this interpretation not because it is true but because it empowers you to take full responsibility for the result you wish to accomplish. When you create enough value, people get that you are successful and if they join you they’ll be successful too. Make a request that forwards the action. Before you can make such a request, you will have learned enough about the person to get a sense of what might be important to him or her. You will have created a listening for what you have to say and offer them out of your mutual interests.

Your request will bring you both closer to whatever your intended result might be. Because your conversation has created the foundation for your request to be heard, you have a much better chance of influencing the person in such a way that she is persuaded to comply with your request.

Your dealings have been integrity based. You have focused on leaving others whole. Out of the respectful energy you have created, the person is empowered to want to look with you to see what might be possible in terms of your working in partnership together. As a result, you have influenced them with integrity. You possess the personal power to be able to both persuade and lead others. Master this art and your business will explode as you lead others in the direction that will bring about their success.


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