STOP WORKING “FULL TIME” and Ask Yourself: How many ways do I get paid? by Michael York

Michael YorkTHINK LIKE A CONSULTANT or CEO. These are individuals who are typically highly-paid in more ways than one. MULTIPLE STREAMS of income is the result of their THINKING and their PROJECTS. Some of the greatest business advice I was ever given came from CHANGE AGENT/CONTRARIAN/CONSULTING GURU/AUTHOR Tom Peters. In the late 1990s I happened to be in his audience at a management seminar when he was stalking around the room looking like he could flip over a table at any moment. He certainly had my attention when he espoused some of the greatest marketplace wisdom I’ve ever heard. I’m so glad that even though I didn’t fully understand what he meant that day, I captured what he said. So that I could decide later on if it might actually apply or even work for ME. That life-changing/business-building advice was just 5 little words…


 NULL And he delivered the message as if he was mad at the world. Like a caged animal who had suddenly escaped and was ranting about his captors, or ranting to his captive audience to do something about THEIR OWN CAPTIVITY. Almost 2 decades later, I fully understand not only what Mr. Peters said that day, but I also understand the fiery passion with which he delivered it. MOST PEOPLE ARE TRAPPED! Not just in mindless jobs and hopeless situations, they are PRISONERS OF THEIR OWN THINKING! And they have the deck stacked against them ever getting out because they care too much about what other people think who are in the cell next door to them (family, friends, complete strangers, etc.). If I seem to be taking on Tom’s tone with this column, stick around for a couple minutes and you might just understand why. I’m going to try and keep this as simply as I possibly can, so here’s the 3 MAIN POINTS I want to share with you here… 1. There is NO SUCH THING AS “FULL-TIME!” How many times have you heard someone say I have a “FULL-TIME-JOB?” Not true. For anyone. You cannot possibly do anything FULL TIME. That is SMALL THINKING that limits the possibilities for your future and limits the types of OPPORTUNITIES that might come your way. Opportunity does not normally KNOCK until it has sized up the individual. At the very least casually glancing over their appearance, how they think, their work ethic, and their VOCABULARY. How’s yours? FULL TIME? How about working full-time and having a PART-TIME job? It’s an OXYMORON! (insert your own moron joke here) There’s no such thing.

Everything you do IS PART TIME! If you were working full-time how could you possibly get paid—OVER-TIME?

The real problem is that most people are OUTTA’TIME! Thinking somehow they’ll get MORE TIME. Tricked into the mentality that says “SOME DAY…” Here’s the TRUTH, you are getting the MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF TIME THE LAW ALLOWS RIGHT NOW! 24/7. 168 hours in a week. That’s it. That’s all there is, and you’re getting it as a gift again today. Same amount of time as Billy Graham and Bill Gates, same as the PRESIDENT and the POPE. The same amount of time as anyone you view as exceptional, or successful, or wealthy or just plain LUCKY. What are you doing with yours? 2. Don’t DO ANYTHING “FOR THE MONEY” This is BROKE-THINKING. Why are you focused on the MONEY? Or in reality like most people, on the “LACK” OF MONEY? Do what you LOVE! You’ve heard it over and over (hopefully) if you’ve gotten any success advice at all from any coach or mentor. If you don’t LOVE WHAT YOU DO, then do something else. Or at the very least begin planning for the day when you can. That should be a PROJECT for you, finding something else to do or get paid for that you love doing. Doing things just for the money is a POOR REASON to do anything and will keep you trapped. In the land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE? In the most sophisticated marketplace the world has ever known? Cultivate (great word) an ABUNDANCE MENTALITY! Think like an ENTREPRENEUR or like a CONSULTANT. Like someone, anyone, who brings VALUE TO THE MARKETPLACE. Because when you become more VALUABLE and the marketplace finds out about you they will write you BIGGER CHECKS! When you become too valuable to remain stuck where you are that same marketplace, or someone or some THING in it will discover you and your value proposition and gladly PAY YOU to partner with them in making each of you MORE VALUABLE! It’s just what I’ve found in over 30 years in the marketplace. It’s evidence from this series of experiments on PROJECTS from me and so many others you can read about at your local library. Be on guard for BROKE-THINKING. Many THINKERS today don’t get enough “exercise” to keep their thinking SHARP so they rarely have ideas or are even able to recognize a good one when they hear it.

They are too WORRIED ABOUT MONEY. And the SINGLE STREAM of income they are clinging to or trying to protect.

It’s a trap you shouldn’t fall into, or if you have, then get to work right away on a PROJECT that can help you escape. 3. CHANGE YOUR MIND: All Work SHOULD BE Project Work I remember hearing Earl Nightingale share a story about the great Albert Schweitzer (a name too few people today recognize; either one of them) when he was asked over 50 years ago “What is the problem with men today?” After pausing briefly Dr. Schweitzer answered firmly, I can imagine in that same Tom Peters tone, “the problem with men today is that THEY SIMPLY DON’T THINK!” General George Patton said it like this, “If everyone is thinking alike, then SOMEONE ISN’T THINKING!” What if Napoleon Hill was right? GROWING RICH is simply and mostly about YOUR THINKING! Make a list of the PROJECTS in your life. Are you a DAD? MOM? Husband or wife? How about your hobbies? Your causes or charities? Are you a volunteer, or would you like to be? These are all PROJECTS that require your time, energy, effort and even your IMPROVEMENT. Now I understand what Tom was talking about when he challenged me to THINK LIKE A CONSULTANT or CEO. These are individuals who are typically highly-paid in more ways than one. MULTIPLE STREAMS of income is the result of their THINKING and their PROJECTS. I play banjo. Not that you care about that, but what if I told you I played for other people and didn’t care if I got paid? Even though I often do, it’s not what pays the bills, it’s simply for the love of doing it and yes even that creates another stream of income that can buy strings, or gear, or instruments or a trip to Nashville. It’s simply another PROJECT of mine, one that I’m very passionate about. I’m also passionate about being a husband (34 years), father, grand-father, golfer, coach, marketing guru (shameless-self-promotion), columnist, author, speaker, consultant, cigar-lover, and the list of projects goes on. In my consulting business a client who has the highest priority as a project may not even be on the list of projects the following year (or month).

Projects come and go. They have a beginning and yep, they should have an ending, especially BUSINESS ONES.

BONUS: DON’T GET FAKED OUT! Or faked into the kind of thinking that says you’re “too busy” or “don’t have the time” or work “FULL-TIME” or whatever. Make some time to MASTER YOUR TIME and look at your projects or how you might take on a new project or build a new stream of income that might just turn into a RIVER OR AN OCEAN at some point in your future. Many individuals have already done it, and my guess is that there’s 1 or 2 of ’em around who might just be willing to show you how they did it. After all, when you really THINK ABOUT IT… All work IS PROJECT WORK. And today, in this marketplace, there are many new ways for anyone to get paid. But not from OLD THINKING. Here’s to your next project and creating multiple streams of income. OK I’m done. Now I’ve g
otta’ go lie in a hammock and calm down… To Your Uncommon Success,


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