Story Telling By Paul Morris

Story Telling

Storytelling is a vast topic that embraces a multitude of elements all related to how to tell a story, why to tell the story, when to tell the story, presentation styles, voice modulation, descriptive adjectives and emotional trigger words, just to name a few. However, for this article, I am going to focus on YOUR story. We have been bombarded by stories our entire lives from when we were in the womb. Yes, in the womb.  That is when you should start reading to your child. They sense the story through your feelings and emotions. You have heard the story of the “Three little pigs”, “Goldilocks and the three bears”, “Cinderella”, “The Wizard of Oz”, and the list goes on.  Now it is time to start telling your story!  It is not just one story, it is many stories.

You see once upon a time there was you.  So, what is your story? We all have one.

You are writing a new chapter moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day. However, this is not a fairy tale, it is real life.  Your life and it will affect your future.

So, what is your story, or more appropriately, what are YOUR STORIES? In the business of Network Marketing, we become highly paid storytellers. The better we tell the story and more importantly, the more often we tell the story, the more we get paid.

We all have many stories to tell:  You have your own personal story of how you got to where you were before joining Network Marketing story.

Your “How I heard about my company/product” story.

Your “First Impression” story.

Your “First 24 hours” story.

Your “First Seven Days” story.

Your “First Month” story.

Your “How I reached my first award level” story.

Your “How I became a top leader (Silver, Gold, Diamond)” story.

Your “How our life has changed because of Network Marketing” story.

So let’s get started. Plan to create your BEST STORIES ever! Have the attitude that this will be your best story ever. Believe it will be a story that will change lives. Commit to doing whatever it takes to create this amazing story that will inspire many for years to come.

You are the author of this story. Document everything. Take photos. Keep a journal. Keep a calendar. Attend events and conventions. Be on every conference call and webinar.

Here are some templates to frame your various stories:

Your “How I heard about this business” story: “I was in the car driving home from work and my phone rang. Little did I know my life was about to change.

 It was an old friend inviting me to watch a Presentation on something in which he thought I might be interested.”

Your “First Impression” story: “They stopped by my home and the first thing they did was pour me a shot glass of their liquid nutritional, or made a protein shake, or demonstrated ________.   It was delicious!  Or, I was amazed at what I saw.

When they told me, it could help me attain OPTIMAL HEALTH, I was immediately interested” or when they told me I could retire in 5 years, I was immediately interested.

Your “First 24 hours” story: “Then they showed us other products and then how this could be a home-based business for us and how it was changing their lives and how it could change our lives and how we could change other people’s lives.

We were blown away with the possibilities. 

I knew all my friends would want to learn about this, so we enrolled with the suggested Starter Kit and we planned our first home meeting that night as we wanted to get started right away telling our friends about this!

Your “First Seven Days” story: “I invited 20 friends; 10 showed up and 5 enrolled that night and two booked meetings at their homes.

By the end of the week, we were booked solid doing meetings and three-way phone calls with our new members.

We were running out of product and had to order more.

Your “First Two Weeks” story. “By now many of my friends were conducting their own home meeting without me or my enroller even there. It had almost gone viral.

 My friends and their friends were enrolling and booking meetings as fast as we could schedule them.

Your “First Month” story: “It was growing so fast that we couldn’t keep track.

Not only had we enrolled FOUR NEW MEMBERS but now we have had a commission check in the mail for well more than what we had spent to enroll as new members.

It had become like having joined for free.

Your “Road to Silver/Gold/Ruby/Diamond” story: “People kept ‘transfer buying’ and were replacing their brand-X products in their home with our top quality products.

Other friends saw the Business Opportunity behind all this and they were booking lots of  ‘one on one’ and ‘two on one’ meetings plus home meetings.

People started enrolling, customers were purchasing a product, volume was growing fast and before we knew it we had qualified as a Silver/Gold. (or whatever the leadership level would be for your company).

What if you did not get off to a good start? Then BEGIN AGAIN!

What to say to BEGIN AGAIN… I was not aware of…

  • How many of my friends needed these products.

  • It seemed like all my friends were telling me they were looking for ways to help their family stay healthy.

And then I realized…

  • Our products were just what they needed

  • So, we decided to start building the business.

  • I just regret we didn’t start a year ago when we first joined.

I was not aware of…

  • How much money could be earned by sharing this with friends?

  • Then I read the Four-Year Career, by Richard Brook…

 And then I realized…

  • Ordinary people were earning fortunes by sharing the business with their friends.

  • So, we decided to start building the business.

  • I just regret we didn’t start sooner.

I was not aware of…

  • The Power of true RESIDUAL EARNINGS.

  • But, I watched a PowerPoint Presentation called the “40 Year Plan versus the 5-year plan”…

And then I realized…

  • I had a had a great job, but that was NOT going to leave any residual earnings to my spouse and children after I retired or if anything happened to me.

  • So, we decided to start building the business so we could develop true RELIABLE RESIDUAL EARNINGS.

The “We discovered the wealth” story: “When we started we had no idea how much money there was on the BUSINESS side of all of this, but as the volume grew and we earned on more levels we soon had more money than we knew what to do with.

  • We have quit our jobs; we no longer have to leave the kids at daycare anymore.”

  • And we’re setting aside money for their weddings and college educations.

So, start writing YOUR STORY today! Make it a great one that will inspire others!

Story Telling…Paul Morris

Paul Morris


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