Storytelling By Dr Steve Taubman. Video & Article

Storytelling By Dr. Steve Taubman.

Watch the following video (also found at the top of my website, After all the glitz and the music, you’ll see me telling one of my signature stories before a large network marketing crowd. As you watch, you’ll notice a few key elements; all of them intentional. See if you can spot them…

  1. Set the mood. If you’re telling a sad story, project that kind of energy. If it’s an upbeat story, make sure that your posture and expression match that. This is called being congruent, and it’s a huge piece of what makes a story land for your audience.

  2. Get rapport first. Through word, deed, gesture, or guided participation, get the audience on your side. Be likable. Give them a reason to care about your story.

  3. Be animated. Act out the parts of your story that involve action. Move on the stage. Pantomime gestures. Use your facial expressions to bring your story to life.

  4. Use emotional words. “I was petrified.” “He was angry.” “My heart went out to her” When we hear emotional words, our emotional centers are stimulated, and we care more about the story.

  5. Tell a story that matters. Is there a lesson? A message? A turning point? An aha? Make sure your story has a purpose, and make sure we get to know what it is.

  6. Make it fresh. You’ve probably told that story a thousand times. In fact, you should have. But, it can’t sound like that. Bring it to life, sound spontaneous, even flub a line or two.

  7. Choose “inside time” and “outside time.” Sometimes you’re inside your own story, acting it out and seemingly unaware of your audience. Other times, you’re connecting to your audience through eye contact and body language, outside your story. Be deliberate about that choice.

  8. Feel it. You’re telling the story to influence others, but it’s also an opportunity to influence yourself. Each telling is a reminder of your purpose and commitment. Make sure you get the same benefit from the telling that your audience gets!

  9. Share a lesson. You’ll find that many of your stories contain multiple lessons and can be used in different ways. But each time you tell it, make sure it’s clear why you’re telling it. Help us wrap our heads around the lesson behind it. A good way to start is “And what I got from that was…”

  10. Finally, be grateful. Having the opportunity to share your story is one of the greatest gifts there is. You’ve been invited to express yourself and to impact others. That means somebody likes you, trusts you, and appreciates you. Make sure you take that in!

Hopefully, these ten points will help you to craft and deliver your next story with power and finesse and drama. Don’t get too caught up in the words. If you’re genuine in your delivery, people will be moved. Just be real, be prepared, and be willing to enter your own story, and you’ll have many magical moments as people share the impact you’ve made on their lives!


Storytelling-Dr. Steve Taubman

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