Storytelling. Secrets of The NOT So Normal. By Jeanette Lopez

Storytelling – Secrets of The NOT So Normal.

In Network Marketing, we are told often, “The Less You Say, The More You Make!”

Allow me to be the first to tell you that the opposite is just as true, the “More You Say, The Less You Make!” Saying less when sharing is a discipline to maintain if you would like to EAT and pay your bills as a full-time network marketer.  It is a lesson that we all must learn, quickly!

This month’s theme is Storytelling and although it may not be for everyone, it certainly is for me!  For most, it just isn’t comfortable sharing “the Good, The Bad and the Ugly”.  As a matter of fact, some like to advise you to “Just fake it until you make it”.  However, I believe that storytelling when used as a tool, develops trust when the story told bares witness to struggle or when it reveals vulnerability. Sure, It may take longer to build immediate results with storytelling or you may not create a sale right away; but your story begins to develop the foundation of a relationship that far outlasts one sale or several months of income generating auto-ships.

Working with George and TheNetworkMarketingMagazine has introduced me to many servant leaders that have become a part of our Success Membership. The synergy that has been created thus far has earned me a badge of wisdom, to put it mildly!  This month, one of our newest contributing authors, Mark Davis, explained the power of revealing secrets for capturing the attention of your audience.  It was exactly what I needed to read to set my compass dial on “success” to simply map out the milestones that have led me to where I am now.

I would like to express my deepest and sincerest gratitude to George Madiou for giving me the opportunity to share MY story. 

 The podcast below is my first ever public share of my story. I reveal how I carried a secret for far too long.  We are told that the TRUTH shall us free and I am here to tell you first hand that now that I no longer hold that secret, I am completely ready to achieve whatever my heart desires.

Below is my story on how I have come to be “READY”.


I put together a visual scrapbook that will help you visualize my story.  Feel free to leave me any comments or questions about what I share with you at the end of the Podcast.  These are exciting times and I am here to help YOU prepare for success with your story.


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